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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything posted on dating back to 2012. Everything labeled "Join Utopia" is currently in the members area. Clips and Downloads available for sale are labeled as such with links to their respective areas of the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what has been posted as far back as 2012 just click on any given month of any given year.

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JULY, 2024

Title:Kiniku vs. Zac - Topless in Oil!
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Belly Punching, Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Front Triangle, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Headlock, HOM Smother, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Head Scissor, Straddle, Throat Scissor, Victory Pose
Date Added:07/10/2024
Description:Kiniku is a super athletic, German fitness chic, living in Spain. She is best known for her happy-go-lucky free spirit, hard body with 6-pack abs and destroying men on the mat. Kiniku wrestled Zac into submission in:UTCS-188, Kiniku vs. Zac and she was kind enough to let him try again, this time in the oil pool. The problem for Zac is, Kiniku is a lot stronger and skilled than he is. She's the Alpha in the ring and they both know it. Kiniku has an interesting style. Her nickname is Sunshine, and we think we get it now. She gleefully tortures Zac in a variety of holds, pleasantly working him over with a smile on her face and occasionally, casually, inflicting a great deal of pain on her victim boy Zac. Holds of note include head scissor, figure 4, grapevine, body scissor, rear naked choke, font triangle, HOM smother, breast smother and victory pose. "Kiniku vs. Zac - Topless in Oil" is free to Members of Utopia until 8-10-24. Enjoy!

UTCS-272 - The Compliance Dude Gets Crushed! : 07/06/2024

Spectacular scissor specialist Honey returns to Utopia in UTCS-272, The Compliance Dude Gets Crushed! It's the story of what happen's when a Compliance Office (Brett Douchebag) of a popular barges into her house to try and shut her down for knocking men out in her scissorholds. Honey first surprises Mr. Douchebag by climbing on the pole and scissoring him right off of it. Then she drags him to the couch to really compress his neck. She gleefully tortures Brett Douchebag with brutal scissor snaps, intense figure 4's and facesitting, as she nearly turns out his lights a many times. This is part 1 of a 2 part series following Honey's adventure in keeping her portal up and running. Enjoy!

UTCS-271 - Do You Wanna Wrestle? : 07/06/2024

IFBB Pro Muscle Barbie is an ultra sexy, blonde, muscle goddess from Australia. In UTCS-271, Do You Wanna Wrestle? Muscle Barbie is snuggling on the couch with her new dude Rick. He finally gets up the balls to ask her to wrestle, and to his surprise she says, "I love to wrestle!" she stands up on the couch and says, "I warn you though, my legs are very powerful. Muscle Barbie changes into a bikini and then proceeds to humiliate the dude with scissor after scissor. When Rick is unable to defend himself, Muscle Barbie pulls down his pants and begins to jerk him off. She aims to punish and emasculate him while milking him dry. They've worked up a good sweat, but every time his head begins to slip, she stuffs him higher in her reverse scissorhold. In the end, he's taken way too long to cum and Muscle Barbie is pissed. She's captured all his spunk and she has one more humiliation in store for him. Enjoy.

UTCS-270 - Simply Luscious! : 07/02/2024

In UTCS-270, Simply Luscious, ultra-popular IFBB Pro, Rose is entertaining her boytoy Steve at her lake house in Texas. This is 3-part clip specializing in muscle worship, foot worship, facesitting and scissors, which you can buy in pieces or all at a discounted price. Every curve is a muscle on sexy Rose, and she knows how to display it, and use it to her advantage. Slaveboy Steve worships the ground she walks on, and he's been a very good boy lately, so Rose lets him caress her fantastic muscles as she works him over. The first part is Rose flexing for Steve as he worships her huge biceps and thighs on her outside sundeck. The second part is in her living room, where he massages her thighs, calves and feet, and worships her beautiful feet kissing, caressing and sucking on her toes. Part 3 is in the bedroom, where she mounts him for some sexy facesitting, more foot worship and some powerful scissors. Rose loves to get Steve right up in her "cookie" and crush the dude to the brink of consciousness. Rose wears a skin-tight, see through, hot pink and black, polka dot leotard for him and she looks "Simply Luscious!" Enjoy!

UTCS-269 - Introducing Domina Sloan! : 07/02/2024

We've known Domina Sloan for a pretty long time. It only took 6 years, 4 months, 12 days, 4 hours and 37 seconds to finally convince her to scissor someone for our cameras. But what really convinced her to shoot was when she said, "if Kip bends his knee before me, kisses my feet, and asks in a proper tone, then I just might do it!" The only thing we would do different is have the camera with us, when Kip got down on all fours. Domina Sloan has one of the leanest, most power-packed physiques we've ever seen.  Thick, hard, striated muscle adorns every inch of her.  When Domina Sloan got to the shoot for UTCS-269, Introducing Domina Sloan, she had her slaveboy in tow, and said, "this is what I'm gonna do." Within 30 seconds she was putting on a show by scissoring her slaveboy to the brink.  Right after she finished with a victory pose, she left! She's no nonsense, that's for sure, and we're still wondering what hit us, lol!

UTCS-268 - Sweet Venom Returns! : 07/02/2024

As we fade in, Alrik is lamenting the ass whipping he just received in his first match against Sweet Venom. Little does he know she's 15 feet away in the other room listening as she changes into the tiniest bikini she has ever worn. When she comes back she immediately throws him to the mat. Welcome to UTCS-268, Sweet Venom Returns, or as we almost called it .. Alrik's ass whipping part 2! Sweet Venom is an all-natural woman and has curves on top of curves. Her tiny bikini can't possibly contain her awesome natural assets. Alrik doesn't stand a chance and she's not gentle either, twisting him into all sorts of knots, making him tap out over a dozen times. Sweet Venom is one of the baddest, sexiest women in mixed wrestling and she's right here on Utopia. Enjoy!

Title:No-Show Scissor!
Stars:Tina Trapqueen
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Breast Smother, Figure 4, Flexing, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Pussy Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Smother
Date Added:06/22/2024
Description:Tina (Noah) Trapqueen is a tall, ripped, Physique and Figure competitor with one of the most awesome physiques ever to put a man in a wrestling hold. She walks around shredded with nearly 15" biceps and 23" thighs. In "No-Show Scissor," Tina Trapqueen comes back from her most recent figure competition, to find her "would be" boyfriend, just sitting casually on her bed in her hotel room. He was supposed to have attended her event to help her with her tan and meal prep, but he no-showed her. Combine this with the fact that the judges slighted her, and she is more than a little upset. She takes all of her frustration out on the loser with punishing scissorholds, and a brutal grapevine smother. Tina's upper body gets most of the attention, with fantastic biceps, pecs, traps and delts that would make many male bodybuilders jealous, but she has been working extremely hard to bring her legs and glutes up into the same echelon, and they are extremely thick and strong. This clip is highlighted with awesome views of Tina's stellar physique, huge cans, amazing close-ups of her striated glutes, (with Steve's head jammed way up in there,) and a nearly 3.5 minute long reverse scissor and reverse scissor 4 combination that has John tapping and on the brink of passing out many times. "No-Show Scissor" is free to Members of Utopia until 7-22-24. Enjoy!

UTCS-267 - Ms Nika vs. Goth Delilah! : 06/16/2024

Ms Nika and Goth Delilah are two sexy session girls from the UK that are good friends off the mat, and fierce competitors on. Ms Nika is 5'9" vs. 5'6" for Goth Delilah and 155lbs vs Delilah's 137lbs, but the 3 inches and 18lbs means nothing considering Goth Delilah comes in with 2 extra years of training in BJJ. UTCS-267, Ms Nika vs. Goth Delilah! is an excellent match that is both energetic and competitive, with both women gaining submissions from the other. Takedowns, rear naked choke, body scissor, thigh scissor, reverse scissor, are all employed with many moments of pure struggle for supremacy as both try to make the other submit. Who wins in the end? When you figure it out, you let us know. Enjoy!

Title:Lean, Mean, Scissors Machine - Part 2!
Stars:Roxanne Laroux
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Body Scissor, Crucifix, Figure 4, Front Figure 4, Front Headlock, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Head Scissor, Saturday Night Ride, Schoolgirl Pin, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Takedown, Victory Pose
Date Added:06/12/2024
Description:After part one of Lean, Mean, Scissor Machine Ed still doesn't truly understand what's going on, and why Roxanne Laroux has mats all over the house. Indeed, no-one ever accused Ed of being the sharpest tool in the shed, so Roxanne decides to give him a full on wrestling demonstration. So after practicing many cartwheels, she rushes at him and throws Ed to the mat, then proceeds to maneuver him into hold after excruciating hold. He claims to have been a wrestler in the past, and he's going to "dial it up" now, but Roxanne laughs it off, then captures him in another inescapable scissor. Roxanne is extremely limber and strong from years of gymnastics, and fire dance, and her body, combined with innate skill, is truly a weapon. Poor Ed has zero choice but to tap his embarrassing submission many times. And Roxanne once again stands triumphantly over him flexing her lean biceps. Holds of note include: takedown, body scissor, rear naked choke, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, reverse scissor, crucifix, guillotine, grapevine and more! All natural, redhead Roxanne, is truly "The Lean, Mean, Scissor Machine!" Free to Members of Utopia until 7-12-24. Enjoy!

UTCS-266 - Foxxy Squeeze Wrestles Steve! : 06/08/2024

Foxxy Squeeze is an ultra-sexy German woman who will wrestle, scissor and facesit you up, down and sideways. In 2023 she is taking BJJ and wrestling classes and has become quite accomplished. In UTCS-266, Foxxy Squeeze Wrestles Steve, he immediately pisses her off by telling her that Kip has seen her wrestle and thinks she needs to learn some new holds. Steve tells Foxxy, he is the "Kaiser" of mixed wrestling and he is going to "teach" her some new moves, and this further angers our German Fraulein. Steve is made to frantically tap his submission in many different holds, including grapevine, rear naked choke, HOM smothers, classic head scissor, front scissor, figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, and a brutal reverse armpit choke crucifix. Enjoy!

Title:Long, Strong, Devastating Legs - Part 4
Stars:Amazon Nikki
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Body Scissor, Death Grip, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor
Date Added:06/05/2024
Description:IFBB Pro Physique Competitor Amazon Nikki is a 6'0 tall blonde beauty with 15" biceps, 25" thighs, 16.5" calves and is one of the strongest women we have ever met. Just the act of placing her legs around your head is cause for panic in most humans. But when she's angry? Watch out! Amazon Nikki is super demanding about the way she likes her house kept and meals prepped. Her boyfriend Derrick is being run rampant , and can't quite keep up with his chores. When we fade up in UTCS-277, "Long, Strong, Devastating Legs - Part 4" Derrick is taking a much needed break after working all morning. Problem is, Nikki finds him lounging on the couch and her meals haven't been prepped. First in a fit of rage, she rips off her shirt. Then she grabs Derrick by the neck, throws him to the floor and places him in-between her massive gams for the first of many excruciating scissorholds. What follows is ten solid minutes of pure pain that Derrick will not soon forget. Holds of note include head scissor, figure 4, reverse head scissor, grapevine, body scissor, rear naked choke, tons of flexing, and our favorite, "the Death Grip! Statuesque Nikki is not to be trifled with! "Long, Strong, Devastating Legs - Part 4" is 11.5 minutes in length, and free to Members of Utopia until 7-5-24. Enjoy!

UTCS-265 - We Can Dance! : 06/04/2024

Ditria Rose is a super-cute fetish model from Ohio. She and our big guy Lance are dating, and they have a love/hate relationship. She is petite at 5'3" and 106 well distributed lbs. bur depending on what you want in a session, she will, punch, kick, slap, stomp, scissor, smother, facesit or trample the snot out of you! In UTCS-265, We Can Dance, Lance and Ditria come home from a night at the bar and while Lance was sitting at the bar drinking, Ditria hit the dance floor shaking that fine little ass for several men all night long. When Lance and her get home and get into a fight about it, Ditria beats him down, like the dawg he is! Enjoy!