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Video Formats Available on

Currently offers .mp4 (Smartphone, Tablet and Computer friendly) or .wmv (Windows Media Video) files in its Downloads, Clips Store, and Kip's Classics areas. Since August of 2011 all Utopia High Definition Clips within the Members' Area and Free Clips areas are available in 3 formatsā€¦. .mov (quicktime) for Mac users, .wmv (Windows Media Video) for PC users, and .mp4 (mpeg) for Smartphone and Tablet users.

Windows Media, Quicktime and .mp4's will play on most computers and smartphones. You may need the proper software or apps (see below.) Usually a PC comes equipped with Windows Media Player, and a Mac comes equipped with Quicktime Player. Again, with the right software, you can play Quicktime files on a PC and Windows Media on a Mac. mp4's can be played on both PC's, Macs and Mobile devices. As of today May 1, 2013, we are busy encoding all of our high definition Downloads and Clips Store offerings in .mp4. These will be clearly marked as they come available. If a High Definition Download or Clips Store offering is not marked with a format, assume it is a .wmv!

Since March of 2009, everything produced on is high definition. The standard size for the downloads in high definition is 1280 x 720 at 3500kbs. This is an excellent size/speed ratio but depending on your connection each file could take a little time to download. Some of the older high definition .mp4s are 640 x 360 at 3500 kbs. This is because some older smartphones and tablets couldn't play a large file.

Older downloads in Standard Definition are 720 x 540, 480 x 360 and there's even a few old Members' clips at 320 x 240. Each download and Clips Store offering has the resolution of the file listed in the description. So if you have any question about the size of an offering, please read the description. If for some reason the file size is not listed please contact Sometime in the near future our goal is to bring all standard definition offerings up to 720 x 540 at 3500kbs.

We have done extensive testing of different media players and all platforms and here is a list of some of today's best media players:

For PC users:

Windows Media Player 12 -

Quicktime for Windows -

VLC (Plays .mov, .mp4, .wmv and more) -

Mpeg Streamclip (Plays .mov, .mp4, .wmv and more) -

For Mac users:

Quicktime X (Bundled with new Macs) -

Quicktime 7 -

Flip4Mac (Play .wmv on Mac) -

VLC (Plays .mov, .mp4, .wmv and more) -

Mpeg Streamclip (Plays .mov, .mp4, .wmv and more) -


Download Manager Lite ā€“ Allows direct download and playback to the iPhone of .mp4 content. - Please search Apps Store


FVD - Allows direct download and playback of .mp4 content -

BS Player ā€“ Told this a good streaming player for.wmv. Does not store video on phone and we have not tested this!

Disclaimer: has no affiliation with any of the players or apps listed above. These are simply recommendations for our customers as a convenience to you. If you have any questions whether our Members' clips will play for you at home or on your mobile device, please visit our Free Clips Area Please remember the rule of thumb: PCs use .wmv, Macs use .mov and Mobile devices use .mp4