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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything posted on dating back to 2012. Everything labeled "Join Utopia" is currently in the members area. Clips and Downloads available for sale are labeled as such with links to their respective areas of the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what has been posted as far back as 2012 just click on any given month of any given year.

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Macy Nikole Crushes Cobain! : 02/19/2024

To show off in UTCS-260, Macy Crushes Cobain, young dominatrix Macy Nikole strips down to one of the tiniest bikinis we own and dismantles Cobain one on one on our wrestling mat. Macy, starts out with a beautiful headlock throw, and ends with a nearly 2 minute long death grip! In between, she unleashes front, classic and reverse scissors, figure 4's, hip thrusting grapevine, arm bar, headlock, scissor slams, snaps and chops to completely work Cobain over. Along with the physical ass-whipping, Macy uncorks a verbal beatdown as well. Superb wrestling/scissoring domination by a young, super-hot, bodybuilding, powerlifting Domme! Enjoy!

UTCS-259 - Ms Nika vs. Mel Fire! : 02/18/2024

Ms Nika and Mel Fire are 2 European women who love to wrestle men into gurgling submission. During a recent shoot in the UK they realized they had never wrestled each other and they decide to settle things right then and there. This is a competitive seesaw struggle as they take a 1-1 tie into the final submission. Who wins? You have to watch the clip to find out! UTCS-259, Ms Nika vs. Mel Fire is 10 minutes in length. Enjoy!

UTCS-258 - Rose's Bedroom Plaything! : 02/18/2024

Rose is a spectacular IFBB pro female bodybuilder in ripped contest shape. Rose is wearing an ultra-tiny slingshot to toy and tease Steve into Utopia. Several leg snapping scissors including front, body and reverse, grapevine, chokes, muscle worship, and foot worship as Rose stuffs her toes right into Steve's mouth. Lastly, Rose writhes "Frog-legged" forward and backward all over "poor" Steve's nose and mouth grinding him with one of the sexiest facesitting segments we've ever seen. Do we really feel sorry for him? UTCS-258, "Rose's Bedroom Plaything is 14.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!

UTCS-257 - Unfinished Business! : 01/31/2024

Aliyah Taylor is a sexy female bodybuilder and adult star with an incredible body and man crushing legs! She and King were dating for awhile and she pays him a visit to settle some "Unfinished Business!" She wrestles King to the ground and starts to scissor him relentlessly. Soon he is tamed from the brutal scissoring, when she reaches down under his drawers and asks, "Are you still King down there too?" Then takes his sizable cock out and begins to stroke. Scissoring, facesitting, smothering and jerking King into oblivion! UTCS-257 - Unfinished Business is 16.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!

UTCS-256 - Go to Sleep My Darling! : 01/31/2024

Blonde, tan, skilled and dangerous Pamela Strong stars in UTCS-256 - Go to Sleep My Darling! Pam and her boyfriend Zac are vacationing and get into a fight. Pam complains that Zac is always too tired to be a man in the bedroom and Zac as usual, just wants to go to sleep. What starts out as bed wrestling with Pam scissoring and then wrapping the sheets around Zac's neck, soon spills out into the rest of the apartment, including the sitting chair, floor and hot tub. Pam is a force to be reckoned with, and Zac ends up scissored again and half-drowned before she's all done! Enjoy!

UTCS-255 - It's Time to Prove Yourself Sunni Ray! : 01/30/2024

Bianca Blance and Sunni Ray have wrestled against each other many. Bianca is an exotic, shredded, fiery Italian, and Sunni Ray is a Blonde, voluptuous, laid back beauty from Texas. After they ganged up on Nick in “Closet Creeper Crush,” Bianca accuses Sunni Ray of not trying hard enough and tells Sunni she needs to prove herself by wrestling Bianca right then and there! Challenge accepted! UTCS-255 - It's Time to Prove Yourself Sunni Raym is a back and forth all female battle for the ages! Enjoy!

UTCS-254 - I Love to Emasculate Men! : 01/09/2024

As we open on I Love to Emasculate Men, physique beauty Lexa Stahl is posing in the gym mirror when a dude cuts right in front of her and starts to train. She initially takes the high road and starts to walk away, but he makes the critical error of chasing after her and grabbing her. She throws him done and works him over with a combination of grappling techniques and brutal scissor holds. She verbally abuses him as well in a total emasculation! Enjoy!

UTCS-253 - Christmas with Bianca, Part 2! : 01/05/2024

Bianca Blance is passionate about many things. Yoga, nutrition, combat sports and Christmas, to name a few. Last year at Christmas she gave Flavio a good scissoring because he insulted her tree. Afterward she let Flavio lick and worship her sexy, pedicured feet, and that is where Christmas with Bianca, Part 2 picks up. She knows what Flavio needs for his present this year. To be allowed to lick, suck and worship her flawless feet and toes. Enjoy!

UTCS-253 - Christmas With Bianca! - Part 2 : 01/05/2024

Last year at Christmas Bianca Blance gave Flavio a good scissoring because he insulted her tree. Afterward she let Flavio lick and worship her sexy, pedicured feet, and that is exactly where "Christmas with Bianca, Part 2" picks up. Bianca is one of the hottest women on the scene today, and she is in phenomenal shape. Dressed in her festive red bikini and "Naughty" Santa hat, she knows what Flavio needs for his present this year. To be allowed to lick, suck and worship her flawless feet and toes. Super hot clip for feet worship fans. Enjoy!

New Shopping Cart on Utopia! : 01/05/2024

Utopia Entertainment is officially announcing the NEW SHOPPING CART! The NEW SHOPPING CART is a work-in-progress, but is fully operational. We think its a much better shopping experience that you should find both familiar, and much easier to use. In the coming months we will be adding functionality and cleaning up downloads and clips that have slipped through the cracks, and never found their way to the site before. The home page that houses the Members area, will not be updated in terms of clips and downloads, so the new cart is the present and future of all all Utopia Video on Demand.

This is the first step to an etirely new website. For now (and the foreseeable future) the MEMBER'S AREA and UTOPIA STARS pages are unchanged. The Utopia Shopping Cart accepts ALL Major Credit Cards and CCBill.

As always on, the more you buy, the more you save: Buy 3 clips or downloads in any combination you receive 10% off, and buy 6 clips or downloads in any combination you receive 25% off.


Have a Healthy & Happy 2024 from Utopia : 01/01/2024

Have a Healthy & Happy 2024 from A New Year's Poem for You! Roses are red, Violet's are blue, my muscular legs, are coiled around you! My scissors are deadly, what can I say... I'll squeeze you harder, you'll start to pray. Time's at a standstill, I'll count to 5... When I release you, I hope you're alive! I've crushed you completely, with powerful thighs. We'll call this poem, "Kip's Demise!"