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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything recently posted on It is literally a mirror for the members' area as well as all other content updates throughout the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what was posted up to a year ago just click on any given month below.

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UTCS-252 - Lady Queen Scissors and Facesits : 12/21/2023

Lady Queen is a beautiful, fit, and flexible Venezuelan woman who has taken to BJJ as her sport of choice. In UTCS-252 - Lady Queen Scissors and Facesits Her Slave Rudy is Lady Queen's little slave bitch for today and he was more than happy to volunteer to get his ass kicked so that we could present Lady Queen fans of Utopia! She plants her perfect, muscular ass firmly on her slaveboy's face to completely smother and humiliate him. Awesome!

UTCS-251 - Sheena Bulldozes Bianca! : 12/13/2023

Sheena and Bianca Blance are 2 sexy session girls who are rivals on the mat, and classic "Frenemy's" (Friends) off the mat. In UTCS-251, Sheena Bulldozes Bianca, these 2 wrestling superstars engage in an entertaining, competitive female vs female wrestling match highlighting the competitive spirit of one woman vs. the sheer power and technique of the other. This is one for the ages!

UTCS-250 - Eckobelle vs. Steve! : 12/13/2023

Eckobelle is a national level female bodybuilder, in near contest shape, with huge 15" biceps, massively thick quads in the 24" range, and unbelievable eye-popping calves in the 17" range. She has taken to wrestling and scissoring really fast and in UTCS-250 - Eckobelle vs. Steve Steve couldn't believe how quickly she put him on his back suffering in between her rock hard thighs. Watch as she enjoys making Steve tapout time and time again! Also measuring, flexing and excellent close-ups.

UTCS-249 - Who's Your Daddy! : 12/13/2023

Ms Nika is an athletic, dominatrix and session wrestler currently living in the UK.  We're not really sure why, but we love the way this sexy woman wrestles.  Sometimes she's playful, and in the next second, she can be downright mean.  That said, she has an excellent repertoire of holds and counters, and she never backs down. UTCS-249 - Who's Your Daddy Riccardo is confident that he will show her, who is "Her Daddy!" Those are fighting words to Nika, and she proceeds to humiliate and humble the poor man!

UTCS-248 - My Quads Will Wreck You!! : 12/13/2023

Rose is hot IFBB pro female bodybuilder from Texas, who loves to lift heavy, and present sexy! In UTCS-248 - My Quads Will Wreck You Rose invites one of her gym friends over who was talking smack about her behind her back. Shithead Steve, thinks he's gonna "get some,"and he does.  What he gets is scissored and choked into oblivion, and made to worship Rose's perfect feet. Awesome scissors from a beautiful female bodybuilder in contest condition.

UTCS-247 - Miss Cheeks' Mean Scissors! : 11/18/2023

Miss Cheeks is a career gymnast, cheerleader, bodybuilder, and NPC Figure competitor with 14" biceps, 14" diamond-cut calves, 22" rock-hard quads, chiseled 8-pack abs, and an incredible ass to die for. UTCS-247 - Miss Cheeks' Mean Scissors! is supposed to be a semi-competitive mixed wrestling video, but once she gets her legs on Eddie's head, she just went to town. Relentless scissor snaps, slams, chops and thrusts delivered with incredible force along with excellent close-ups highlight this video. Enjoy!

New Shopping Cart on Utopia! : 11/11/2023

Utopia Entertainment is officially announcing the NEW SHOPPING CART! The NEW SHOPPING CART is a work-in-progress, but is fully operational. We think its a much better shopping experience that you should find both familiar, and much easier to use. In the coming months we will be adding functionality and cleaning up downloads and clips that have slipped through the cracks, and never found their way to the site before. The home page that houses the Members area, will not be updated in terms of clips and downloads, so the new cart is the present and future of all all Utopia Video on Demand.

This is the first step to an etirely new website. For now (and the foreseeable future) the MEMBER'S AREA and UTOPIA STARS pages are unchanged. The Utopia Shopping Cart accepts ALL Major Credit Cards and CCBill.

As always on, the more you buy, the more you save: Buy 3 clips or downloads in any combination you receive 10% off, and buy 6 clips or downloads in any combination you receive 25% off.


UTCS-232 - Macy Nikole vs. King - The Rematch! : 11/11/2023

Macy Nikole is a super-hot, powerlifter, dominatrix, and session wrestler with a lusciously thick world-class ass, muscular thighs, and 6-pack abs. In UTCS-232 - Macy Nikole vs. King - The Rematch! Macy once again takes on our big dude King dressed in a strappy one piece that experiences several wardrobe malfunctions. Macy jumps on King from the start, and keeps the big guy defenseless with many brutal scissors and other wrestling holds. We love Macy and so will you!

UTCS-244 - My Legs are Strong Too! : 11/06/2023

Tina Trapqueen is a tall, beautiful, figure competitor with a spectacular physique. She is particularly well known for her incredible upper body development. As we begin UTCS-244 - My Legs are Strong Too!, Tina is flexing and talking directly to the camera, and telling her story. Steve is already underneath her in a pussy choke straddle and the fun begins. Awesome scissors with excellent closeups highlight Tina proving, her legs are strong too!

UTCS-240 - Clean the Pool Loser! : 11/02/2023

In UTCS-240 - Clean the Pool Loser, Pamela Strong whips Zac when he loses the oil-wrestling match, and then refuses to clean the pool afterward.