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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything posted on dating back to 2012. Everything labeled "Join Utopia" is currently in the members area. Clips and Downloads available for sale are labeled as such with links to their respective areas of the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what has been posted as far back as 2012 just click on any given month of any given year.

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Title:Eckobelle vs. Steve!
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Hip Throw, Hip Thrust, Pussy Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Throat Scissor, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/30/2023
Description:Eckobelle is a national level female bodybuilder, with huge 15" biceps, massively thick quads in the 24" range, and unbelievable eye-popping calves in the 17" range. She started session wrestling in 2023 and hooked up with to learn how to scissor and produce some videos. These videos were shot just 4 weeks from her competition and she is in fantastic condition. Eckobelle took to wrestling and scissoring really fast and Steve couldn't believe how quickly she put him on his back suffering in between her rock hard thighs. When she clamps the figure 4 shut, there is literally no room to move, and then she starts to squeeze! The pressure she can bring to bear is awesome, literally paralyzing him in her grip. All Steve can do is clutch feebly at the gargantuan muscle that holds him captive. When trapped in any number of straight leg scissors, she employs leg snapping, scissor chopping to inflict jolts of pain on her victim. Then she lets him go and mounts him for one of her favorite moves, the double leg grapevine. Repeated hip snaps keep Steve suffering and pinned on his back, before Ecko stands over him flexing victoriously. Holds of note after the measuring and flexing portion includes: Hip throw takedown, front scissor, front figure 4, side scissor, side scissor 4, throat scissor, reverse scissor, reverse scissor 4, grapevine, pussy choke, hip thrusts, scissor snaps, scissor chops, tons of flexing and victory pose. UTCS-250, "Eckobelle vs. Steve" is 12.5 minutes in length and free to Members of Utopia until 12-30-23. See the clip and get Eckobelle's contact info at the end. Enjoy

Title:Who's Your Daddy?
Stars:Ms Nika
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Cross Body Pin, Facesit, Front Choke, Headlock, Judo Scissor, Kimura, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Schoolgirl Pin, Straddle, Struggle, Takedown, Triangle, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/22/2023
Description:Ms Nika is a beautiful, athletic, competitive dominatrix and session wrestler currently living in the UK. She's tangled with Riccardo many times over the last 2 years with Nika mostly getting the upper hand. Yet Riccardo is confident that this time he will show her who is "Her Daddy!" Those are fighting words to Nika and she sets out to humiliate her male opponent. Who ends up being whose Daddy? Watch the clip to find out! Holds of note in this male vs female struggle: Takedown, front scissor, headlock, guard, schoolgirl pin. facesitting, kimura, judo scissor, triangle, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, cross body pin and victory pose. "UTCS-249, Who's Your Daddy is 10.5 minutes in length and free to Members of Utopia until 12-22-23. See the clip and get Ms Nika's contact info at the end. Enjoy

Title:My Quads Will Wreck You!
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Head Scissor, Posing, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/15/2023
Description:Rose (Sorry, not her real name) is an IFBB pro bodybuilder from Texas. She is a social media and OnlyFans icon who loves to lift heavy, and present sexy! This video was shot the day after she won her class at the North American Championships and she is ripped, vascular and thick. In UTCS-248, My Quads Will Wreck You, Rose invites one of her so-called "friends" over who was talking smack about her behind her back at the gym. Ever since she found out all she can think about is "Getting her legs around him." Shithead Steve, thinks he's gonna "get some,"and he does, indeed. What he gets is scissored into oblivion, choked, and made to worship Rose's perfect feet. Rose shows off her awesome physique in one of the tiniest bikini's we've ever shot, and that's saying a lot lol. But you know what they say, when you got it, flaunt it, and Rose certainly does. Holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, choke, flexing, reverse figure 4, reverse head scissor, foot worship, and victory pose. Rose is one of the hottest women in mixed wrestling right now and she's right here on Utopia. See the clip and get Rose's contact info. "My Quads Will Wreck You," is 12 minutes in length and free to Members of Utopia until 12-15-23. Enjoy!

New Shopping Cart : 11/11/2023

Utopia Entertainment is officially announcing the NEW SHOPPING CART! The NEW SHOPPING CART is a work-in-progress, but is fully operational. We think its a much better shopping experience that you should find both familiar, and much easier to use. In the coming months we will be adding functionality and cleaning up downloads and clips that have slipped through the cracks, and never found their way to the site before. The home page that houses the Members area, will not be updated in terms of clips and downloads, so the new cart is the present and future of all all Utopia Video on Demand.

This is the first step to an etirely new website. For now (and the foreseeable future) the MEMBER'S AREA and UTOPIA STARS pages are unchanged. The Utopia Shopping Cart accepts ALL Major Credit Cards and CCBill.. We are looking for feedback both positive and negative about the new cart. Please write us at with what you like, dislike and possible improvements. Thank you! has extended the 30% sale on every clip and download! Use code: utopia30 in your shopping cart and you will receive 30% off everything in your shopping cart, whether you buy 1 clip or 30. This is in addition to, and on top of our normal everyday discounts. Our everyday discounts are: buy 3 clips or downloads in any combination you receive 10% off, and: buy 6 clips or downloads in any combination you receive 25% off. Use code: utopia30 in your cart to receive an extra 30% off your entire order. All sale prices are calculated automatically in the shopping cart and you must use the code: utopia30 in the cart to receive the additional discount!


Title:Miss Cheeks' Mean Scissors!
Stars:Miss Cheeks
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Hip Thrust, Muscle Worship, Reverse Head Scissor, Scissor Chops, Scissor Slams, Scissor Snaps, Takedown, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/09/2023
Description:Miss Cheeks is a career gymnast, cheerleader, bodybuilder, and NPC Figure competitor. Sporting one of the most complete physiques in mixed wrestling, Miss Cheeks loves to show her athletic body for her admirers. And what a body it is, 14" biceps, 14" diamond-cut calves, 22" rock-hard quads, chiseled 8-pack abs, and an incredible tush. Obviously Miss Cheeks knows which side her bread is buttered on, hence the name. UTCS-247, Miss Cheeks' Mean Scissors is supposed to be a semi-competitive mixed wrestling video, but once Miss Cheeks gets her legs on Eddie's head, she just went to town, scissoring and grapevining him into oblivion. She keeps Ed on his back and in pain with relentless scissor snaps, chops and hip thrusts. See the clip and get Miss Cheeks contact info at the end. UTCS-247, Miss Cheeks' Mean Scissors is 11 minutes in length and free to Members of Utopia until 12-9-23. Enjoy!

Title:The Quinn Sisters Battle!
Stars:Macy Nikole, Sunni Ray
Genre:Female - Full Download
Hold:Body Scissor, Double Rev. Headscissor, Front Scissor, Headlock, Schoolgirl Pin, Struggle
Date Added:11/02/2023
Description:Anti-hero Harley Quinn and her twin sister return to their gym after taking the crooks to the Joker. They start to argue about which twin the Joker likes better. The only way to settle the argument? Wrestle of course! Beautiful, athletic session girls Macy Nikole and Sunni Ray cosplay the twins. In this fantasy wrestling battle, the two sexy twins trade holds to see who gets the Joker. Which one wins? You have to watch the clip of course to see the outcome. UTCS-246 The Quinn Sisters Battle is p minutes in length and free to Members of Utopia until 12-2-23. See the clip and get both Macy's and Sunni Ray's contact information at the end. Enjoy!

Title:Cammy Returns!
Stars:Lora Cross
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:aerial side scissor, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Figure 4, Fireman’s Carry, Flexing, Flip, Foot Choke, Front Headlock, Front Scissor, Front Triangle, Hangman Figure 4, Head Scissor, Hip Throw, Kicking, Lift & Carry, Monkey Flip, Punches, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Schoolgirl Pin, Scissor Snaps, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Throat Figure 4, Throat Scissor, Victory Pose
Date Added:10/26/2023
Description:Just in time for Halloween, ultra-sexy fetish star and session wrestler Lora Cross reprises her role as fighting female video game character Cammy. Dressed in a green thong leotard, red hat, red gloves, and black boots, Lora really embodies Cammy. Lora is a true fitness enthusiast in every sense of the word. Working out in the gym and running nearly every day, Lora's physique is lean and muscular. Her power packed body can easily lift twice her body weight, so tossing around much bigger men is no problem. However, it's her scissorholds that grab her opponents attention, because they come at him from every angle and once she has those sexy gams wrapped around his head or neck, it's tap out or pass out. Lora is famous for her neck snapping scissors, and if he's not in pain already as she squeezes, the jolts of 100% full pressure she inflicts on him certainly are. In UTCS-245, Cammy Returns, Lora (as Cammy) squares off against fighter Ed. There's multiple, punches, kicks, throws, neck-wrenching scissors from every position, and tons of flexing too. Music, graphics and sound effects round out our 2nd rendition of video game character Cammy, played perfectly by muscular Lora Cross! TRT 17 minutes, and free to Members of Utopia until 11-26-23. See the clip and get Lora's contact information at the end. Enjoy!

Title:My Legs are Strong Too!
Stars:Tina Trapqueen
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Breast Smother, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Hip Thrust, Muscle Worship, Pussy Choke, Standing Front Scissor, Standing Reverse Scissor, Straddle
Date Added:10/20/2023
Description:Tina Trapqueen is a tall, beautiful, figure competitor with an incredible upper body. Full, hard biceps, triceps, delts, lats, pecs and oh yes, traps! She loves to flex and she loves to pose for men lucky enough to session with this gorgeous woman. She just started sessioning and she has been practicing her scissorholds every chance she gets. She told us she gets asked all the time if she could make a man submit in her scissors. To which she always replies, "my legs are pretty strong too, wanna see?!" Always the opportunist, Kip heard the story, and made a video out of it right away. As we open Tina is flexing and talking right into the camera, and telling her story. Steve is already underneath her in a pussy choke straddle and the fun begins. Front scissors, standing front scissor, standing reverse scissor, grapevine, hip thrusts, breast smother, tons of flexing and muscle worship follow. Please enjoy UTCS-244 "My legs are Strong Too!" 18 minutes in length, and free to Members of Utopia until 11-20-23. See the clip and get Tina's contact information at the end. Enjoy!

Title:Lexa vs. Steve!
Stars:Lexa Stahl
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Americana, Grappling, Kimura, MMA, Rear Naked Choke, Straddle, Struggle
Date Added:10/12/2023
Description:Lexa Stahl is a gorgeous physique athlete from somewhere out west, USA. She had a meteoric rise in bodybuilding and now she's taking her talents to wrestling and grappling. Lexa is very proud of the progress she's made in Jiu Jitsu in only a year of serious training, and so she wanted to showcase her grappling ability first. Far be it from us to disappoint a woman like Lexa, so we pitted her against Steve and let them have at it. Lexa more than holds her own against a much bigger and stronger opponent, keeping Steve on the defensive throughout and gaining his submission a half dozen times! UTCS-243, Lexa vs. Steve consists of a 4 minute interview with Lexa at the beginning, followed by 11+ minutes of grappling. Free to Members of Utopia until 11-12-23. See the clip and get Lexa's contact information at the end. Enjoy!

Title:The Ride of His Life!
Stars:Bianca Blance
Genre:Mixed - Full Download
Hold:Ankle Choke, Body Scissor, Death Grip, Facesit, Figure 4, Flexibility, Flexing, Grapevine, Hangman Figure 4, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Pussy Choke, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Straddle
Date Added:10/05/2023
Description:Super sexy Italian wrestler Bianca Blance. is taking a bike ride and stops at a local park to use the restroom. When she goes inside, a thief comes out from hiding and steals her bicycle. Bianca comes out of the restroom and sees the man peddling away and she takes off running after him. Fans of Bianca know she is an incredible athlete, but little did the thief know that he couldn't out peddle her. She chases him down and when he ditches the bicycle she pounces. Bianca is a force to be reckoned with when she is just having fun on the mat, but when she's angry? Watch out! Bianca strips down to her tiny pink schoolgirl g-string, revealing her incredible all-natural physique, and twists the dude into all sorts of debilitating holds and scissors. Luckily for her (and us) there was noone around to see this very public ass-whipping, or we might've had to bail her out of jail, lol. Holds of note include: rear naked choke, body scissor, head scissor, belly punching, ball grabbing, head scissor, shoulder riding, side figure 4, hip thrusts, grapevine, jackhammer, figure 4, flexing, facesitting, reverse head scissors, death grip, reverse figure 4, pussy choke straddle, leg snaps, front scissor, ankle scissor, death grip, and pretzel pin. Bianca is a whirlwind, and we could see this exact scenario playing out, if anyone is stupid enough to steal her bike! UTCS-242 "The Ride of His Life" is 11 minutes in length and free to Members of Utopia until 11-5-23. See the clip and get Bianca's contact information at the end. Enjoy!


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Title:UTCS-194, Denise's Utopia Custom Video!
Stars:Denise Anders
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Headlock Pin, HOM Smother, Posing, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Standing Reverse Scissor, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/18/2022
Denise Wrestler is a gorgeous, 5'6" 165lb., IFBB Pro from the UK. She is touring the USA and we were super lucky to meet up with her for a shoot last week. Denise's physique is power-packed, with biceps in the 15" range, 24" thighs, and 15" calves. In UTCS-194, Denise's Utopia Custom, she's shooting a custom posing video for Utopia.  Her roommate Van interrupts her in the middle of the shoot and ruins her clip. Denise gets angry with him and throws him to the mat for a good old-fashioned scissoring.  Denise looks absolutely luscious in this clip.  Her blonde hair is perfect, as is her amazing tan, and to celebrate her first trip to the USA, she wears a skimpy American flag thong bikini. The first 1.5 minutes is Denise posing for the camera with some excellent close-ups, and what follows is 12 solid minutes, featuring Denise wrestling, manhandling and scissoring Van's face off, showcasing one of the hottest woman currently in mixed wrestling! Holds of note include: Classic head scissors, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, a front and reverse standing scissor, reverse scissor, revere figure 4, HOM smother, rear naked choke and victory pose. Denise loves to session and scissor, and you'll love UTCS-194, Denise's Utopia Custom Video! TRT 13.5, enjoy!

See Wonder D
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Clips Store
Title:UTCS-193, Wonder D Wrestling & Scissoring!
Stars:Wonder D
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, HOM Smother, Muscle Worship, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Straddle, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/11/2022
Wonder D is a shredded, IFBB Physique Pro living in NYC. When we say shredded, we mean she is massive, vascular and ripped! I mean when you see her flex her eye-popping quads or biceps as she's pressing her scissorholds, it's literally an anatomy lesson. UTCS-193, Wonder D Scissoring & Wrestling is Wonder D's very first mat wrestling video and she does not disappoint! Steve is talking smack at the beginning but Wonder D just grabs him and ensnares him in a body scissor, rear naked choke and full nelson. Then, it's scissor-time! Her classic head scissor, and figure 4 practically break his jaw. Then she climbs on him for a hip-thrusting grapevine. It's not a jackhammer, more slow and intense and she grinds him into the mat. Then she rolls over and pulls his head high up ifor a torturous front scissor and figure 4. Next she mounts him for her reverse scissor, and reverse figure 4. His nose is buried deep in that ultra-tight ass and he is being all but snuffed out. Another body scissor, this time combined with an HOM smother gives way to her devastating side scissor. His head is literally erased by the sheer girth of her incredible thighs. She works them in and out with her hamstring embedded in his jaw, and Steve is completely paralyzed and helpless. Then she straddles him, smothering him and flexing her baseball shaped biceps, before flopping to her side and treating us to her mind-numbing front scissor. She really puts it to him here, and you'll be wondering if she might literally decapitate him in this scissor. Lastly a Victory Pose as Steve is completely humiliated! TRT 10 minutes, enjoy!

See Bianca Blance
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Clips Store
Title:UTCS-192, Vampirella!
Stars:Bianca Blance
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Banana Split, Body Scissor, Camel Clutch, Choke, Death Grip, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Grappling, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, HOM Smother, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Smother, Victory Pose
Date Added:11/01/2022
Fresh for Halloween is a special rendition of Vampirella starring sexy Italian wrestler Bianca Blance. We realize it's a double dose of Bianca this week, but when you got it, flaunt it! We love Bianca, because she is an all-natural beauty, has an incredible body, is exceptionally skilled in every fighting form, and she puts 100% effort into every clip. We shot this on location in a local cemetery. It was one of those days when the moon was out before the sun had fully set, so Vampirella rises from the grave to totally thrash our dude King. Bianca energetically breaks out a ton of mixed wrestling, grappling, pro, amateur, and scissor holds to make this a really entertaining clip. Eerie music and excellent camera work by Kip round out this production. Holds of note include: Head scissor, figure 4, body scissor, arm bar, grapevine, camel clutch, banana split, full nelson, hammer lock, death grip, HOM smother, front and reverse facesitting, aerial side scissor, front scissor, scissor slams, scissor snaps, several reverse head scissors, reverse figure 4, tons of flexing, and a victory pose. Bianca really personifies the undead beauty, and we specially priced this clip to entertain you this Halloween. Vampirella is 10 minutes in length, enjoy!

See Bianca Blance
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Title:UTCS-190, Bianca's Rules - Rule #2, My Weight Bench!
Stars:Bianca Blance
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Facesit, Figure 4, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Scissor Jackhammer, Scissor Seesaw, Scissor Slams, Scissor Snaps, Straddle
Date Added:10/27/2022
Bianca Blance! is an all natural, incredibly sexy, fitness junkie and session wrestler from Italy. �Every time we see her, she is in better condition than the last, and this time her body is super lean and muscular with an incredible 6-pack, highlighted by deep ridges in her abs. �Bianca exudes sensuality and sexuality from every pore, and we feel this is one of the sexiest scissor stories we have ever produced. �In UTCS-190, Bianca's Rules - Rule #2, My Weight Bench, Bianca has some rules governing her mats, weight bench and hot tub. �If you use them without her permission, you get scissored! �Bianca enters in her super-slinky slingshot and sees King using the leg extension. �She points to the sign and thus, let the scissors begin. �Make no mistake, this is a severe, yet ultra-sexy scissoring! �Bianca scissor slams, snaps and squeezes King into oblivion! We nicknamed some of her technique the "scissor jackhammer" because when Bianca is done with him, he's been pulverized. �She takes her top off near the beginning so most of the video is Bianca topless and nearly naked. �Several intense scissor sequences from many angles, facesitting and even a little muscle worship round out this offering, with some incredible closeups captured by Kip. Bianca's Rules - Rule #2, My Weight Bench, is 16 minutes long, enjoy!

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Title:UTCS-189, Bianca vs. Kiniku!
Stars:Bianca Blance, Kiniku
Genre:Female Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Flexing, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Grappling, Guillotine, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Triangle, Side Scissor, Struggle, Takedown
Date Added:10/27/2022
Bianca and Kiniku are friends but also rivals. Bianca vs. Kiniku is a competitive topless battle, shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  There is no nonsense here, the 2 women step out onto the mat, slap hands and get down to business.  What many don't know about Bianca is, she is incredibly strong for her size, (stronger than most men) is aggressive, has fierce determination, is cunning, and knows a wide variety of wrestling styles, holds and counters.  Indeed, if you're going to face Bianca on the mat, you better bring your "A" game, or it will be a long match for you.  When Bianca traps you in a hold, she can be downright vicious, pouring on the pressure and going for the tap immediately. It's uncanny the pressure this 135 lbs. woman can bring to bear, and very unfortunate for Kiniku. Kiniku has been wrestling and grappling for many years, and started session wrestling in 2015, and she loves to compete too.  Kiniku is also very strong and traps Bianca a couple of times, but Bianca will not give in and eventually tires Kiniku and turns the tables on her.  To be fair to Kiniku, this was videotaped after she handed Zac his ass, so she may have been a little winded.  That said, it's an entertaining match, and Kiniku gives her best account.   Bianca vs. Kiniku is 12.5 minutes in length.  Enjoy!

See Kiniku
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Title:UTCS-188, Kiniku vs. Zac!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Choke, Arm Triangle, Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Grappling, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Head Scissor, Reverse Triangle, Side Scissor, Takedown, Throat Scissor, Triangle, Victory Pose
Date Added:10/27/2022
Kiniku is a super athletic German woman living in Spain. She is best known for her competitive spirit and 6-pack abs. She loves to wrestle both men and women and has been sessioning since 2015. UTCS-188, Kiniku vs. Zac is an outdoor rendition of "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" shot on location in Barcelona, Spain. Kiniku takes Zac down and works a nice variety of grappling locks, including an arm triangle, rear naked choke and body scissor combination, armpit choke, leg triangle, guillotine, and a few other brutal chokeholds. Kiniku is really bearing down and out for blood, but Zac proves to be pretty tough.  However, the overall pressure Kiniku brings to bear on Zac's trapped neck in her chokeholds is too overwhelming and Zac is forced to tap many times.  Now that Zac is softened up, it's scissortime!  When Kiniku scissors him, her legs expand with solid muscularity.  An aerial side scissor, several reverse scissors, a classic head scissor, followed by another grappling guillotine and rear naked choke, give way to some more scissor punishment as Kiniku makes him submit to her superiority. Kiniku vs. Zac is 11.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!

See Honey
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Clips Store
Title:UTCS-187, Indecent Proposal, Part 2!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Facesit, Figure 4, Flexibility, Flexing, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Splits, Throat Figure 4, Throat Scissor
Date Added:10/20/2022
Honey is an awesome, feature dancer, who competes in pole dancing competitions like The Stripper Olympics.  When you meet her in person you are drawn in by her cute looks and sweet, soft demeanor. What burns inside is a perfectionist who works hard at dancing, and in the gym, so she can dominate on the pole and on the mat.  She constantly challenges herself to lift heavier and do more difficult tricks, and when wrestling she'll turn your lights out in seconds.  In UTCS-187, Indecent Proposal, Part 2, Honey treats us to a 2.5 minute strength and flexibility study in which she executes some incredible strength moves that many fitness women would be jealous of.  Then it picks up where Part 1 leaves off, with Honey wrapping her thick, educated legs around Steve's neck. This time we're on a wrestling mat and Honey dominates her prey with some of the sexiest scissors this side of the Mississippi!  Honey brings her "A-game" once again and this time she sprinkles in a fair dose of her teasing smack talk and evens throws us some nice bicep flexes while wrapping those gorgeous gams around Steve's face. Indecent Proposal, Part 2 is 15 minutes in length, enjoy!