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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything recently posted on It is literally a mirror for the members' area as well as all other content updates throughout the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what was posted up to a year ago just click on any given month below.

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MARCH, 2017

Title:Preview Clip - Maria vs. Kip - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Side Scissor, Struggle
Date Added:03/30/2017
Description:Maria out-wrestles Kip!

Title:Preview Clip - Sara Lips - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Sara Lips
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor
Date Added:03/29/2017
Description:Sara makes sure he understands who's in control!

Title:Preview Clip - Sunshine vs. Derrick - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Guillotine, Head Scissor
Date Added:03/28/2017
Description:What starts out as a playful wrestling mach with gorgeous session wrestler Sunshine, ends up as a humiliating ass whipping for muscular Derrick!

Title:Preview Clip - Nikki Fierce vs. Nick - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Nikki Fierce
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Hangman Figure 4, Side Scissor
Date Added:03/26/2017
Description:"The Hangman" is one of Nikki's specialties!

Title:Preview Clip - Sunshine vs. Indy - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/25/2017
Description:She caught him in her panty drawer, now she catches him in her reverse headscissor!

Title:Preview Clip - Duchess Dani vs. Duncan - Topless Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Duchess Dani
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Head Scissor
Date Added:03/24/2017
Description:Dani's got her sexy legs wrapped around his head, and you know she'll eventually get everything she wants!

Title:Preview Clip - Gia vs. Jason - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Gia Primo
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Choke, Grapevine, Other, Reverse Head Scissor, Takedown
Date Added:03/23/2017
Description:When you wrestle against Gia, she’ll make you scream her name all night!

Title:Preview Clip - Rapture vs. Nick - Topless Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Facesit, Flexing, Grapevine
Date Added:03/22/2017
Description:Rapture flexes over her prey!

Title:Preview Clip - Cali Shy - Mixed Wrestling Scissors
Stars:Cali Shy
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Head Scissor
Date Added:03/20/2017
Description:Cali exhausts and defeats Kip using her relentless "Oil Pump" scissorhold!

Title:Preview Clip - Toned Tommi - Mixed Wrestling & Grappling
Stars:Toned Tommi
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/19/2017
Description:When Toned Tommi thinks you need a good scissoring ... watch out!

Title:Preview Clip - Olivia Rose vs. Dante - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Olivia Rose
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Throat Scissor
Date Added:03/18/2017
Description:Olivia is so much more powerful than he is, and laughs at his helplessness!

Title:Preview Clip - Jenevieve Hexxx - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Jenevieve Hexxx
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:03/16/2017
Description:Jenevieve makes it seem fun as she dishes out the punishment!

Title:Preview Clip - Goddess Amadahy vs. Glenn - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Goddess Amadahy
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Front Figure 4, Side Scissor
Date Added:03/15/2017
Description:Goddess Amadahy makes Glenn whimper like a little girl!

Title:Preview Clip - Stephanie Scissor - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Stephanie Scissor
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexibility, Flexing
Date Added:03/14/2017
Description:Stephanie told us she was pretty strong, flexible and a good wrestler. This 1 minute 45 second clip is a sample of what we got!

Title:Preview Clip - Taylor vs. Steve - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:03/13/2017
Description:Taylor's having some issues with baby daddy, but she knows just how to deal with him!

Title:Preview Clip - She Hulk - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:She Hulk
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Front Figure 4
Date Added:03/12/2017
Description:She Hulk was measured at being able to exert 350 lbs of pressure with her thighs! How much can Steve's neck take?

Title:Preview Clip - Mirage - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Grapevine
Date Added:03/10/2017
Description:In this 1.5 minute clip, dainty flower Mirage shows us some super thick muscle, then traps Gary in a brutal grapevine!

Title:Preview Clip - Morgan - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke
Date Added:03/09/2017
Description:Super sexy physique competitor and powerlifter, Morgan, is in off-season condition, but at 5'9" and 180lbs of rock-hard muscle, he'll never escape her grip!

See Muscle Goddess Kelly
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Title:UTCS-22, Muscle Goddess Kelly Knocks Out Mike!
Stars:Muscle Goddess Kelly
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Head Scissor
Date Added:03/08/2017
Muscle Goddess Kelly comes to Utopia for her first ever mixed wrestling video and knocks out Mike within the first 5 minutes. Absolutely REAL, check out Muscle Goddess Kelly Knocks Out Mike! today! Full HD and only $4.95. Enjoy!

Title:Preview Clip - ShadowFax - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:03/08/2017
Description:No way Kip pries those slabs of steal apart!

Title:Preview Clip - Muscle Goddess Kelly - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Muscle Goddess Kelly
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Front Scissor
Date Added:03/07/2017
Description:What do you think ... does Muscle Goddess Kelly let him go?

Title:Preview Clip - Kira Noir vs. Jason - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Kira Noir
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:03/06/2017
Description:Would you take wrestling lessons from this woman? We would!

Title:Preview Clip - Skylar Rene vs. Glenn - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Skylar Rene
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/05/2017
Description:Skylar owns him!

Title:Preview Clip - Ashley Wildcat vs. Nick - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Ashley Wildcat
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Head Scissor
Date Added:03/03/2017
Description:Ashley makes sure Nick submits to her!

Title:Preview Clip - Kayley vs. Dan - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:03/02/2017
Description:Kayley is an expert at administering the figure four!

Title:Preview Clip - Annie Rivieccio vs. Nick - Muscle Worship & Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Annie Rivieccio
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Head Scissor, Muscle Worship
Date Added:03/01/2017
Description:2 Minute clip of awesome Annie Rivieccio forcing Nick to worship her muscular legs, then scissoring him senseless. I felt like having a little editing fun tonight. Enjoy!

Title:Preview Clip - Summer Monroe vs Billy - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Summer Monroe
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Side Scissor
Date Added:02/28/2017
Description:Summer admires her handiwork .. or should we say leggiwork!

Title:Preview Clip - Tasia Lockren - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Tasia Lockran
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:02/27/2017
Description:Sexy little squeezer Tasia, like to beat men at wrestling!

Title:Preview Clip - Lilli - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Headlock Pin, Reverse Headlock Pin
Date Added:02/26/2017
Description:In this 1.5 minute clip Lilli has Duncan trapped on his back!

Title:Preview Clip - Syclone vs. Lance - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Choke, Grapevine
Date Added:02/25/2017
Description:Syclone works her grapevine on Lance!