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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything recently posted on It is literally a mirror for the members' area as well as all other content updates throughout the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what was posted up to a year ago just click on any given month below.

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AUGUST, 2015

Title:MW-73, Taylor vs. Nick
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Throw, Hip Thrust, Pin, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Throat Scissor, Victory Pose
Date Added:08/30/2015
Beautiful 20 year old Taylor out-wrestles Nick in our 13th installment of Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle! Check out MW-73, Taylor vs. Nick today!

Title:Preview Clip - Katarina Kat vs. Dominick - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Katarina Kat
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:08/30/2015
Description:Katarina lets him know she could kill him in her scissors, and inflicts some pain to tell him she means it!

Title:Taylor vs. Nick
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Throw, Hip Thrust, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Throat Scissor
Date Added:08/30/2015
Description:Short sample montage clip of beautiful 20 year old Taylor out-wrestling Nick in our 13th installment of Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle! Check out MW-73, Taylor vs. Nick today. Enjoy!

Title:Preview Clip - Ginger Martin vs. Duncan - Topless Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Ginger Martin
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Head Scissor
Date Added:08/29/2015
Description:Completely brutal headscissor ends Duncan's match against Ginger!

Title:Preview Clip - Jade Pride vs. Billy - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Jade Pride
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Side Scissor
Date Added:08/28/2015
Description:Jade has Billy's head going one way and his body the other. Ouch!

Title:Preview Clip - Reign vs. John - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Front Scissor
Date Added:08/27/2015
Description:Reign's front scissor is debilitating and humiliating!

Title:Preview Clip - Tyler Dare vs. Duncan - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Tyler Dare
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Lock, Guillotine, Reverse Head Scissor, Struggle
Date Added:08/26/2015
Description:In this nearly 1.5 minute clip, Tyler maneuvers Duncan from a reverse head scissor into a guillotine submission!

Title:Preview Clip - Dulceee vs. Kyle - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Front Scissor
Date Added:08/25/2015
Description:Nearly 1.5 minute clip in which Dulceee has him on the verge of tears from the brutal pressure of her lithe, young, muscular thighs!

Title:Preview Clip - Raquel vs. Chuck - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing
Date Added:08/24/2015
Description:Raquel is big, sexy, strong, and "Holy shit, she really knows how to wrestle!"

Title:Preview Clip - Mistress Tahlia vs. Nick - Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Mistress Tahlia
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Drag, Pin, Reverse Cradle, Takedown
Date Added:08/23/2015
Description:In this 1.5 minute clip, Australian Mistress Tahlia takes him down and pins him twice

Title:Preview Clip - Maria the Brazilian Queen - Domination and Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Maria the Brazilian Queen
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Wrist Lock
Date Added:08/22/2015
Description:Maria is totally in control and completely deadly!

Title:Preview Clip - Ludella Hahn (Nessie) - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Ludella Hahn - Nessie Squeeze
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Front Scissor
Date Added:08/20/2015
Description:Ludella convinces her Brother that supporting her show is the right thing to do!

Title:Preview Clip - Goddess Athlete - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Goddess Athlete
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Choke, Front Scissor, Grapevine
Date Added:08/19/2015
Description:In this 1.5 minute clip ... Goddess can do whatever she wants with him because he can't escape!

Title:Preview Clip - Claire Rebell vs. Van - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Claire Rebell
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Standing Scissor
Date Added:08/17/2015
Description:Beautiful, sexy, dominant and deadly ... Claire Rebell!

Title:Preview Clip - Iron Liberty vs. Nick - Topless Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Iron Liberty
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing
Date Added:08/16/2015
Description:Young bodybuilder Iron Liberty, is going to make him worship all of her while she totally thrashes him!

Title:Preview Clip - Amanda S. - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Amanda S.
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:08/15/2015
Description:Sexy young dancer knows the devastating power her "steal" legs hold!

Title:Preview Clip - Alli vs. Mike - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Flexing, Head Scissor
Date Added:08/14/2015
Description:In this 1.5 minute clip, Mike threatens Kip for letting Alli toss him all over the mat. So Alli gives him a little more!

Title:Preview Clip - Jana Linke-Sippl - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Jana Linke-Sippl
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Head Scissor
Date Added:08/13/2015
Description:Jana can do anything she wants to him at anytime!

Title:Preview Clip - Julie Squeeze vs. Dominick - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Julie Squeeze
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Pin, Takedown
Date Added:08/12/2015
Description:One minute you're shaking hands, the next minute you're flat on your back, tapping your submission. That's how it goes against Julie Squeeze!

Title:Preview Clip - Jolene the Valkyrie vs. Jim - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Jolene the Valkyrie
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Grapevine, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:08/11/2015
Description:First she practically turns him blue in her reverse scissors, then Jolene tortures him in her hip-thrusting grapevine!

Title:Preview Clip - Patricia vs. RR - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing, Side Scissor
Date Added:08/10/2015
Description:She's so beautiful, he never dreamed she be crushing the daylights out of him!

Title:Preview Clip - Lilli vs. Dominick - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor, Struggle
Date Added:08/09/2015
Description:In this over 1.5 minute clip, Lilli shows how strong, quick, and skilled she is. Oh yeah, and how her thighs can probably "crush a watermelon!"

Title:Preview Clip - Rapture vs. Nick - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Head Scissor, HOM Smother
Date Added:08/07/2015
Description:Rapture delights in his helplessness as she crushes him into oblivion!

Title:Preview Clip - The Huntress vs. Steve - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:The Huntress
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:08/07/2015
Description:The Huntress' muscular thighs force him to beg for mercy!

Title:Preview Clip - Kayley vs. Dan - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:08/06/2015
Description:Kayley mashes Dan into the ground and smothers him with a punishing grapevine!

Title:Preview Clip - Talia vs. Nick - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:08/05/2015
Description:Talia lets Nick know in a fight for survival he's dead meat!

Title:Preview Clip - Hotsuff Hollie vs. Dominick - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Hotstuff Hollie
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Choke, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:08/04/2015
Description:Hollie can clamp a scissorhold from any angle. His submission is eminent!

Title:Preview Clip - Daisy vs. Nick - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:08/04/2015
Description:Daisy's muscular legs and superior technique have Nick completely trapped!

Title:Preview Clip - Claire Irons vs. Glenn - Beatdown & Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Claire Irons
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Punches, Side Scissor, Throat Scissor
Date Added:08/02/2015
Description:Claire beats him down to the ground, then clamps on a vicious scissor!

Title:Preview Clip - Syclone vs. Gary - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:08/02/2015
Description:Gary loves the hip snapping, knee wrenching grapevine!