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15 New High Definition clips are added to the members' area today. Some of the stars you'll see this week are, Melissa Dettwiller, Dorothy Trojanowicz, Melody Spetko, Rebekah Kresila, Roxie Rain, Larissa Reis, Yasmin and Powerful and sexy newcomers Anita, Sophia and Natasha. We received tons of positive feedback from you, our fans regarding the new hi-def clips. So a huge thank you goes out to you! We read all our mail, and in most cases we write back a personal response. So if you have something to say, positive or negative, don't be shy. As always, the stills to all the pics from the new clips can be viewed in the members' area pics section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! You keep watching, we'll keep delivering!


10 all new clips of Coming Attractions are added to the Members' area today. As many of you have already noticed, our clips are getting longer, with larger image size and resolution. Now that most everyone has embraced high speed internet connections we will give you the highest quality Standard Definition clips from the productions we have shot the last few years. And, as we go forward, everything we produce from now on is in the new High Definition format that so many of you wrote and said you liked. Today we continue the scissor theme with an emphasis on the Reverse Head Scissor Hold. However, continuing our Mantra of Variety, Lindsay Mulinazzi Poses topless and Liz Lightspeed engages in some gymnastics and Pole work. Also Sylvia wrestles Lynzee in a competitive all-female wrestling battle. Others featured today include: Ava the Acrobat, Karina the 6 foot gorgeous Nordic Blonde,... Lean, lithe, Contest prepped Kelly Nayoukas, beats down Kip, Ultra Muscular, Sadie teaches her husband a lesson in respect, Pretty Scarlett has a mean streak and loves to put men in their place, Buff, Aussie, Felix, is a wrestling scissor machine and Muscular Roxie traps Kip in a reverse figure 4. The stills to all the pics from the new clips can be viewed in the members' area pics section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Bigger is better, just ask any of the buff hotties we feature! So bigger image size and resolution is the way to go. Enjoy!


Utopia Entertainment has been updated today with 10 new clips in the Members' area and 1 New High Definition Clip in the Free area. 3 of the new clips in the Members' area are High Definition. A variety of wrestling styles and beautiful talented women are the highlights this week. Awesome bodybuilding newcomer Anita has massive thighs. Natural Bodybuilder Rebekah Kresilla, Gorgeous Brazillian Larissa Reis, Exotic Poser Dorothy Trojanpwicz, Incredible Wrestler Yasmin, Contest Muscular Amber Deluca, Greek Hardbody Nadia Crow, California Beach Body Lisa Darelli, Awesome fit Pro wrestler Jennifer Thomas, Hot, Brutal, Canadian Wrestler Cindy Huntress and Lithe, Tight Stripper Neveah are among the featured this week. One thing they all have in common? The ability to take on and beat men in wrestling! This update is essentially a head scissors fest, and when these women trap their victims within their muscular prisons, it's lights out! As always you can see all the pics from the new clips in the member's area pics section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! In the perfect world of Utopia Entertainment, strong wrestling women, scissor men relentlessly, and it's just too bad if you want to break free! Enjoy!


10 new clips are released today in the Members' area... so let's cut right to the chase! Pretty, Canadian Fitness girl Wendy has a temper! When she doesn't get what she wants, this is what you get in return! Colette Nelson is an awesome Pro Female Bodybuilder. She loves to pose sexy, and was in awesome shape just following her World Championship! Foxy strippers Carmella and Cheyenne play Cousins who wrestle for their wicked Uncle Ernie. I kinda wish it was like that in my family! You too...? K.C. is an mature woman with an awesome fit bod. Straight from competing at the USA Bodybuilding championships, she trounces her male victim with some great scissor action. Everyone in the mixed wrestling world knows who Gia Prima is. Jeff thought she was just a skinny little twerp with a big attitude. Pin, Pin, Pin, scissor scissor, scissor, pin... later, Jeff isn't thinking too much any more! Russian Figure Competitor Natalya, squeezes her husband to the brink when she catches him massaging another woman. She exposes her breasts to show him what he will never get any longer. Rebekah and Shelly are two awesome bodybuilding females that are about the same size and very evenly matched. Rebekah shows a quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor as she gets caught in one of Shelly's scissor holds. Tawny Love was one of the biggest surprises ever to wrestle at Utopia. Weighing barely 120lbs., we were worried. When she dawned her bikini and stepped onto the mat, all hell broke loose. Hold after non-stop excruciating hold, applied to painful perfection, was unleashed on poor Chuck. He was sore for almost 2 weeks, no shit! One of our funnest stories ever for Utopia is "The Phantom of Utopia!" She's big, she's strong, and she wants revenge! The Queen of mixed wrestling smack-talk is Panther. The beautiful brit tells him what's in store for him. Squeezing! As always you can see all the pics from the new clips in the member's area pics section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! What can we say,... Utopia Entertainment is here to stay! Enjoy!


When you got it flaunt it! We have the variety and we're putting it on-line! 11 new clips highlight today's update. We're only posting 10 thumnails here, so I guess you'll have to join to view the surprise 11th! Today we're posting clips of Nadia Crow, Cheyenne, Carmella, Eve Polmar, Sunfire, Kyla, Panther, Lynzee and Roseann Blackburn. Genres visited include Posing, Stretching, Competitive all Female Wrestling, Competitive Mixed Wrestling, Ring Matches, and Apartment Style Matches. Some of the women featured are Muscular Bodybuilder's and some are Sexier, with Svelte, Lean Muscle. Still others are just plain Pretty! The one thing they all share? The ability to kick your ass anytime, anywhere! Check out the member's area pics section to see all the stills from the new clips. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! The best variety of mixed and all female wrestling on-line, that's the Perfect World of Utopia Entertainment! Enjoy!


5 All new High Definition Clips are posted to the Members' Area Today. 1 New Hi-def clip is added to the free area. 2 Newcomers to Utopia make their wrestling debuts. Natasha is a national level figure competitor and has a killer physique. She's a personal trainer and her client isn't following her diet plan. Now she has to work him out a little harder with a little head scissor wrestling action. Sexy Sophia is a hot, fit, stripper. She has that sensuous style we all love and in this clip she traps John in a reverse head scissor. Kip's warehouse manager mouths off to Anita. Big mistake, because the compact bodybuilder trounces him. Her legs are brutally strong! Melody Spetko teaches this hapless guy what it's like to be a human surfboard. He's totally under her massive control! Yasmin is one of the most dangerous female wrestlers in the world. She knows every move, and applies them with intense pressure. Nice Leg Nelson followed by a Triangle Choke as she totally whips her male victim. In the free area, Maria visits Utopia and we matched her with Jay. She's so beautiful, nobody thought she'd be much of a wrestler. Her secret? 5 years of Brazilian Ju-jitsu training as a young adult. Her body is tight, she's quick as a cat, and her legs are muscular and powerful. Jay never had a chance! Please write and let us know if this clip is a good combination of quality and file size. It's 25mb. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Over 30 hours of the best mixed and all female wrestling action on-line now! Enjoy.


5 Hot new High Definition Clips are added to the Members' Area Today. Bill Wick visits Utopia and gets a lesson in how important signing a release is. Yasmin does the teaching but does she release him? Maria is one of the sexiest, most beautiful women to ever grace a mixed wrestling video. She doesn't appreciate Kip's attitude. So, she gives him a mixed wrestling attitude adjustment. Another installment of the "Kip Beatdown Series." Melody Spetko is just plain awesome. This big, attractive female bodybuilder loves tattoos, and she puts one on this incompetent tattoo artist. A tattooing that is! What can you say about Roxie Rain? Roxie has a steamy sensuality. But what most people don't realize is this laid back woman can really squeeze with the best of them. Always with a smile on her pretty face. Here she gets topless and straps those fine, muscular legs on the disrespecting hotel manager. Dorothy Trojanowicz and Melissa Dettwiller are vying for Kip's camera. Seems he's overbooked again. Big mistake this time as they gang up on ol' Kip. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Awesome fit wrestling babes, in awesome Hi-Def quality, with awesome mixed wrestling and all female wrestling action! Utopia Entertainment delivers again! Enjoy.


Variety is again the theme with these 10 new previews of coming attractions! Competitive topless all female oil wrestling, mixed oil wrestling, 3 topless dancers vs one man oil wrestling, competitve all female ring wrestling, mat mixed wrestling, apartment mixed wrestling and one hot female posing clip! Who might be starring in all this you ask? None other than Amber Deluca the "Gladiator Girl," Nadia Crow, pro wrestlers Trenisha and Tina "Frankie" Zappitelli, Cheyenne, awesome natural bodybuilder Rebekah Kresila, 3 of the tightest hard bodied strippers you'd ever want to meet and Roxie Rain! We don't just trot out the scissor hold in one choreographed video after another. Whatever you're into within the female and mixed wrestling world, we deliver! Check out the member's area pics section to see all the stills from the new clips. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! A variety of women, using a variety of holds, in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings! Did we mention variety?


10 all new previews of coming attractions are added to the member's area today. It seems everything on the web these days regarding mixed wrestling is all about the head scissors. While everyone knows Utopia Entertainment loves the head scissors hold, we have always prided ourselves on quality and variety. So to celebrate female wrestling in general, this update is about women who can really wrestle. No head scissors this week! Well... okay we sneak in one mixed wrestling figure 4 head scissors clip, afterall we're only human! But this week you'll see pins, grapevines, chokes, camel clutches, and just a variety of punishing holds! Included is a competitive clip between Nadia Craow and Liz Lightspeed, and a posing clip featuring the beautiful natural bodybuilder Rebekah Kresila. The other women featured this week are Felix, Natalya, Lia Labowe, Gia Primo, Neveah, Jennifer Thomas, and Sexy Lexi. As always, the stills to these new clips can be found in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! The sexiest muscle girls, and athletes, posing and REALLY wrestling just for you!


5 Hot new Clips are added to the Members' Area Today. Figure competitor Natalya has a smokin' hot body. Too bad her cheating husband doesn't know how good he had it. Now he knows how bad he's going to get it as Natalya squeezes him senseless in her beautiful, full, tan, thighs. Gladiator Girl is big, strong sexy and loves to scissor. This is how you get a job in the Gladiator's perfect world. Exotic dancer Cheyenne loves to mix it up. Old Kip didn't use her the right way, so Cheyenne helps him get his head back on straight by almost squeezing it off! Natural bodybuilder Eve is really strong for her petite size. Kip tells her she's too old to wrestle anymore, so she treats him to a breathtaking (literally) display of scissoring. Cindy Huntress loves the figure 4 scissor hold. She clamps it on this Newsman who has rude things to say about her recent trip to the mall. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Beautiful, muscular, fit females, living out their Utopian dreams! Enjoy.


5 all new clips posted to the members area today. Hot, tight, exotic dancer Carmella loves to get her man trapped in the figure 4. She's a master at it and when she gets it, you don't get out unless she let's you out. Felix is an Aussie babe with tremendous wrestling talent. I don't know exactly what to call this hold, but John can tell you it really hurts! He is totally at her mercy as she punches his gut, and then matchbooks him! Flame is a tough Canadian woman who loves to torture soft, American men with her powerful inner thighs. Her side scissors is brutal, yet somehow she makes the torture seem almost fun! Kelly is a figure competitor from the U.S. Her legs are incredible. Lean, cut and strong. She maneuvers him in a reverse figure 4, and he'll tell you he was seeing stars. Kelly has as tough a scissor hold as you will find. Lexi and Kendall are 2 local strippers in Cleveland. They'll wrestle man, woman, or beast, and compete honorably with them all. However against each other... who will win? As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Enjoy!


10 all new previews of coming attractions are added to the member's area today. Several Buff beauties make their Utoopia Entertainment debut as the Members' are reaches 30 hours of content. Sila is a sexy female bodybuilder. She's not much into competitive wrestling, but loves to pose, loves to let worthy slaves oil her up, and loves to squeeze. This week a couple of sexy samples of Sexy Sila! Marie is a college athlete. She's all about being competitive. Here she teaches her boyfriend why getting between her legs isn't always the best place for him to be! Cute musclegirl Anita is only 5'2" tall, but her muscle-packed physique means she wrestles taller. Kip's been trying to coerce her into doing a video for him for years, unfortunately when he finally gets her on camera, it's him she's trouncing. Part of the "Kip Beatdown Series." Others you will see in this update include Sunfire, Tazzie Colomb, Roxie Rain, Yasmin, Larissa Reis, Dorothy Trojanowicz and Melissa Dettwiller! Genres explored include Mixed Wrestling (also Topless) Female Arm Wrestling, Topless Female Wrestling, Muscle Worship, and Posing. Utopia is the "Variety" producer in the female wrestling and posing genre! Several of the clips offered this week are in High Definition. Please let us know if you like the quality, or if the download is too slow for you. We are trying a few different file sizes and want to "Get it right" for our customers. As always, the stills to these new clips can be found in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! 30 hours of video on-line, of the hottest muscle girls, and athletes, posing and wrestling just for you!


Another hot Mixed Wrestling Download & DVD rolls out today. MW-39, Maintenance Man Mauling. MW-39 stars NPC cmpetitor in both Fitness and Bodybuilding, gorgeous Lynzee (nod, nod, wink, wink.) Lynzee isn't just another pretty wrestler at Utopia, she knows what she's doing, and she likes to inflict pain! In this story she takes on a disrespectful hotel maintenance man. Lynzee is built from the ground up, and uses that tremendous body to gain a measure of respect. A must see for fans of beautiful, built women, putting men in their rightful place! Download or buy the DVD MW-39 Maintenance Man Mauling. today! Enjoy!

10 new previews of coming attractions are added to the member's area today. I'm not going to describe each clip this week, but if I had to give the update a theme, I would pick "Anger!" That said some of the big names you will see this week are, Colette Nelson, Lindsay Mulinazzi, Cheyenne, Sunfire, Rebekah Kresila, Shelly Yakimchuk, Chantal, Nadia Crow and more. Of course we're not one dimensional at Utopia, so there are 2 All-Female wrestling clips, and 2 Posing clips starring Lindsay Mulinazzi and Colette Nelson. Both of these stunning bodybuilders are known for their sensual posing, and these 2 clips do not disappoint. As always, the stills to these new clips can be found in the members' area stills section. Beauty, Muscle, Anger and Action, a Utopian Combination! Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Be well!


Five brand new clips are posted to the Utopia Entertainment Members Area today. Carmella and Kendall are two lovely, young, dancers, who love to wrestle. They oil up, strip down and go at it, slithering all over the mat and each other. When I'm shooting matches like this, I truly believe I live in Utopia! Then of course, I wake up and Kelly has her lithe, strong, man crushers wrapped around my chicken neck! There's no way to break free from her strangulating grip once she locks it on, and she likes to see your face turn purple as she cuts of your blood and oxygen supply. Part of the "Kip Beatdown Series." Blonde Bombshell, Lisa Darelli wants to knock him out, but she's going to make him squirm and beg first. She's hot, tan, strong, and she knows how to scissor. Panther is one built, powerful, Welsh, beauty. There's one word for her style of scissors domination... brutal! She turns his face beet red from her relentless squeezing, and unfortunately for him, there's no end in sight. Finally, Jennifer Thomas is a pro wrestler who's husband thinks she's washed up. Huge mistake! But not as huge as Jen's muscle packed legs. She puts him through a repertoire of pro and amatuer moves, but in this clip it's all about those power packed inner thighs gripping his neck in a devastating fogure 4. He can't speak as she turns his eyelids and lips blue! All the stills to these new clips can be found in the members' area stills section. Utopia Entertainment IS the perfect world where fit women rule! Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Enjoy!


Utopia releases a new Mixed Wrestling DVD and Download today. MW-38, The Bully's Dad's Beatdown. MW-38 stars IFBB Professional Heather Policky at her massive best, only 2 weeks out from a contest. In this wrestling story, Heather beats the snot out of the rude Dad of a neighborhood boy who is bullying her son. She scissors, chokes, slaps, and generally tortures the overmatched man. This is a must see for fans of massive female bodybuilders putting men in their place. However Heather is a rare treat. Not only is she buff, but she's beautiful and mean. Buy the DVD or download MW-38 The Bully's Dad's Beatdown. today! Enjoy!


Back to Mixed Wrestling basics today as 5 new preview clips are posted to the members area. Greek "Brick House" Nadia Crow takes on mixed wrestling veteran Pete in the ring. She gets those strong thighs on him, and he can't even stand up to get her off. The Phantom of Utopia attacks Kip. She felt slighted by Kip and know she wants to make sure he feels her scissor hold. Part of the "Kip Beatdown Series." Liz Lightspeed is up for a part in a new reality TV series.... she thinks. The scumbag producer tips his hand, and Liz turns him inside out in hold after excruciating hold. There is noone better at putting the male in his place than Lady Liz Lightspeed! Ava the Acrobat shows how tough it is to get free from dancer trained inner thighs. She's a crusher! Tall, strong Norwegian babe, Karina can twist a man in a million ways. Ever seen a reverse scissor full nelson combination? No? Well, now you have! Devastating! As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Variety may be the spice of life, but watching strong, athletic women, squeezing the snot out of disrespecting males, ain't bad either! There are pretenders all over the web, but Utopia Entertainment is still the place to be for awesome mixed wrestling! Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Be well!


5 all new clips produced in HD highlights todays Members' Area update. Our newest all female production entitled "Brazilian Beauties Battle" pits tough grappler Yasmin against IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Larissa wrestling on a mat covered in oil. In this clip, Yasmin traps Larissa in a Reverse Figure 4, but Larissa surprises Yasmin with her own Reverse Scissors. One of our favorite wrestlers is Gia. She has it all... strength, skill, speed, and sexy as hell! Mike doesn't believe a woman of Gia's size could possibly submit him. He's cocky and that only fuels her more. Kip insists every woman show she can wrestle before he puts her in one of his videos, so Maria has a screen test at Utopia. Jay becomes mesmerized by her beauty and tight muscular body, and the beauty shows him she can squeeze as well. She has 5 years of Brazilian Ju Jitsu and puts on a clinic. Roxie Rain is becoming one of our favorites. She has a sensuality that few women in this sport can match. Not only that, but she can crush a man's head like a scrap machine can crush metal. Here's a grapevine, but what else can you say... Roxie is Foxy! Lastly Kip decides to test the arm of Roxie in a Mano y Womano arm wrestling battle. Ooops, Roxie's left-handed. Kip gets put in his place. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Quantity, 29 hours worth. Quality, now in HD. Variety, Mixed, Female, Posing, Arm Wrestling, Mat, Ring, Apartment, Oil. Utopia Entertainment has it all! Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Enjoy!


Utopia goes Hi-Definition today, with 5 ALL NEW clips from our newest productions. Starting off is a spirited battle between two top female competitors. One of the most beautiful bodybuilders ever is Melissa Dettwiller. She is being kept waiting by Kip who is shooting exotic Dorothy Trojanowicz. Melissa runs out of patience and goes on the attack. Dorothy and Melissa don't like each other much, but our camera likes them! In the next story, IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Maria does not yet have her work visa. INS Agent Johnson comes to arrest Kip and deport Maria. Maria has other plans for Agent Johnson, a nice, tight, reverse headscissors! Melody Spetko is very serious about her tattoos. She hears of a young, talented tattoo artist that can draw her the new art she wants on her inner thighs. Turns out his idea is a joke. However, it's no joke when Melody gets her giant thighs wrapped around his skull. Melody completely tattoos him, with her strong legs that is! Rebekah Kresila always seems to have boyfriend issues. This one tries to throw her out of the house for doing wrestling sessions. Rebekah will have none of that, and gives the guy a lesson in female superiority. Lastly, Seargeant Bill Wick (the Godfather of Mixed Wrestling) visits Utopia Entertainment. He's a little outdated about what a video release should contain, and he takes exception to Utopia's "Death Clause!" Yasmin happens to be shooting with Utopia that day. Will she snuff the infamous Mr. Wick out? As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Utopia Entertainment has always been about the best quality, the finest women and the best, most entertaining action within female bodybuilding, mixed and all female wrestling. Now in High-Definition, and almost 29 hours of content on-line, Utopia remains the Perfect World for your wrestling and bodybuilding fantasies. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Enjoy!


Hi, today a quick thank you to all the loyal members of Utopia Entertainment. Posted to the Members Area is the full video download of MW-35, Mistaken Wrestling Identity, starring Michelle Tuggle. Michelle is in contest condition and her muscles ripple with power as she takes apart her "Session" victim. You can read more about Mistaken Wrestling Identity Here. Utopia Entertainment now has 10 full length video downloads available in the members area at all times. Along with the other 1670+ clips, that makes a startling 28 hours of content available on-line. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! You'll be glad you did! Enjoy.


5 all new clips grace the Utopia Entertainment Members Area today. Roseann Blackburn and Kyla Luciano square off in a competitive freestyle wrestling match. This one went back and forth until the eventual winner had her hand raised victorious. Natural Female Bodybuilder, Rebekah Kresila, has one of the most impressive natural physiques you will ever see. Rebekah isn't much for the limelight, or showing too much skin, however Kip talked her into this thong backed bikini. Thank you Kip! Robin is a wrestling destroyer. This cute deceptively strong woman can twist you into positions you didn't think were possible. Her scissors are inescapable as her male victim finds out in this clip. Trenisha is 6 feet tall with legs that go on forever. John gets caught in a leglock and then she puts her size 12 feet onto his neck. She literally could have broken it or choked him out if she really wanted to! What an be said about Brazilian beauty, Yasmin, that hasn't already be said. Her technique is flawless and her inner thighs grip you with terrifying pressure. When she pulses as she did in this clip, you become aware very fast, that you better cooperate, or suffer the consequences. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. If Competitive Female Wrestling, Sexy Mixed Wrestling and Hot Female Bodybuilder Posing is your thing, Utopia Entertainment is where you need to be! Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Be well!


Scenes in a ring, on a bed, on the mat, on the floor and on a rock concert stage, keeps the variety theme this week at Utopia Entertainment, with 5 new clips added to the members area today. Tina the pro wrestler, takes on Nadia the Greek Fitness girl, in a competitive all female ring battle. Beautiful Exotic Dancer Lexi, takes issue with her buildings Maintenance Man and kicks his ass all over her apartment. Hardbody Exotic dancer Carmella, practically chokes out Van with her sinewy, strong inner thighs. Rock N' Roll Rhonda Lee Quaresma dances and poses for the Utopia Entertainment cameras, and Roxie Rain practically breaks her deadbeat tennants jaw with her devastating side scissor. You can actually her his neck and at one point his jaw crack. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Variety IS the spice of life. Utopia Entertainment has almost 27 hours of Mixed Wrestling, All Female Wrestling, and Sexy Female Hardbodies Posing just for you, all in the best quality in the genre. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Enjoy!


5 all new clips representing a little of everything hits the members area today. Gabrielle Nicander shows up late for her audition at Utopia. Kip tells her to leave but Gabrielle has her own agenda... a total thrashing of Kip! Part of the "Kip Beatdown Series." Lindsay Mullinazzi poses that contest prepped body for our cameras, and then Lynnzee takes apart a muscle worshipping schmoe! Great front head scissor! Nadia Crow participates in awhat was supposed to be a competitive mixed match. But she proves way to strong, skilled and fast for Paul. More scissors abound! Bodybuilders Kim Birtch and Rebekah Kresilla square off in a competitive all female battle and trade top position. These girls don't like each other much and talk a lot of trash to each other! As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Variety, quality, and beauty, what else would you expect in Utopia!?! Enjoy.


5 all new clips and 1 free clip are added to the members and free areas respectively. Cheyenne and Carmella square off in a competitive all female topless matchup. Cheyenne has Carmella trapped in this clip, but Carmella is a gamer and manages to wriggle free. Neveah is a relentless squeezer. I have met few women that like to put a man out as often and with as much glee as Neveah. Her legs are long and strong and she just giggles as you tap your submission. Panther has an amazing, sexy physique. Packed with muscle, she is skilled not only in wrestling, but trash talking as well. Pretty Sunfire has a mean streak. Piss her off and you will suffer a complete embarrasing beatdown. Kip learns first hand as she manuevers him into hold after powerful hold. Part of the "Kip Beatdown Series." Gia has always been a top flight wrestler. But she has in recent times honed her physique to rock-hard muscle. She's teaching Carmella the fine art of kicking a mans ass, and poor Van is forced to submit numerous times. Finally, in the free area Roxie Rain is a Landlady who has a deadbeat tenant. She crushes the rent out of him. As always you can find the stills to these new clips in the members' area stills section. Join the Utopia Entertainment Members' Area today! Whether your into women with muscle, mixed wrestling, all female wrestling, topless wrestling, or posing, Utopia Entertainment has something for everyone! Enjoy.