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Welcome to the Utopia Entertainment What's New Page. Here you can see links to everything recently posted on It is literally a mirror for the members' area as well as all other content updates throughout the site. The What's New page defaults to the current month of the current year, but if you want to view what was posted up to a year ago just click on any given month below.

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APRIL, 2016

Title:Preview Clip - Mistress Tahlia vs. Nick - Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Mistress Tahlia
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Cradle, Side Scissor
Date Added:04/30/2016
Description:Not only can Mistress Tahlia exhaust and humiliate you with a variety of excruciating scissors, she can pin you flat anytime she desires!

Title:Preview Clip - Electra vs. Duncan - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Side Scissor, Takedown, Throat Scissor
Date Added:04/29/2016
Description:In this 1.5 minute clip ... Electra takes down her larger opponent, then scissors him til he taps!

Title:Preview Clip - Brigita Brezovec vs. John - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Brigita Brezovac
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Front Scissor, Other, Schoolgirl Pin
Date Added:04/27/2016
Description:No matter what happens between to consenting adults, Brigita remains on top!

Title:Preview Clip - Jennifer Abshire (Scar) vs. Dominick - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Jennifer Abshire
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:04/26/2016
Description:Jennifer has Dominick in as much pain as we've ever seen him!

Title:Preview Clip - Shannon "Dallas" Hall vs. John - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4 Body Scissor
Date Added:04/25/2016
Description:Shannon's figure 4 body scissors always cuts the men down to size!

Title:Preview Clip - Muscle Tease vs. John - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Lyndsay the Muscle Tease
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:04/24/2016
Description:Muscle Tease tells him "No man can keep up to her" .. We believe that's true!

Title:Preview Clip - Blowtorch Barbie vs. She Hulk - Female Wrestling
Stars:Blowtorch Barbie, She Hulk
Genre:Female Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor
Date Added:04/18/2016
Description:Blowtorch and She Hulk put on a show!

Title:Preview Clip - Mixed Tag Team Match - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:04/17/2016
Description:Mixed Tag Team match goes horribly wrong for the men. Vegas and her unbreakable figure 4 is a big reason why!

Title:Preview Clip - Veve vs. Kip - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Grapevine, Rear Naked Choke
Date Added:04/16/2016
Description:Kip tries to sneak attack VeVe, so she hands him his ass!

Title:Preview Clip - Talia vs. Dan - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Head Scissor
Date Added:04/15/2016
Description:Would be wrestling producer gets squeezed by his newest talent!

Title:Preview Clip - Sky Storm - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Sky Storm
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:04/14/2016
Description:Sky has an unbelievably brutal reverse scissor!

Title:Preview Clip - Blowtorch Barbie vs. Steve - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Blowtorch Barbie
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Camel Clutch, Leg Lock, Other
Date Added:04/11/2016
Description:Blowtorch Barbie works Steve over with a few unorthodox wrestling holds!

Title:Preview Clip - Mirage - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Head Scissor
Date Added:04/10/2016
Description:Mirage administers a proper scissoring!

Title:Preview Clip - She Hulk vs. Steve - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:She Hulk
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing, Side Scissor
Date Added:04/09/2016
Description:She Hulk completely dominates him on the mat!

Title:Preview Clip - Concrete - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing
Date Added:04/06/2016
Description:The crushing force of Concrete's paralyzing scissor has Kip completely speechless .. which if you know Kip, is pretty tough to do!

Title:Preview Clip - Antscha - Topless Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Figure 4
Date Added:04/05/2016
Description:Antscha exhausts her boyfriend, so he falls prey to the best reverse figure 4 in the business!

Title:Preview Clip - Savannah Fox vs. Dante - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Savannah Fox
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Guillotine
Date Added:04/04/2016
Description:Savannah traps Dante in an inescapable guillotine!

Title:Preview Clip - Tyler Aria vs. Dante - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Tyler Aria
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:04/03/2016
Description:Tyler's got the "jackhammer" grapevine down to a science!

Title:Preview Clip - ShadowFax (Amazon Athena) - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Head Scissor
Date Added:04/02/2016
Description:ShadowFax has rode out all of Kip's failed attempts to escape and now he's exhausted and almost out!

Title:Preview Clip - Toned Tommi vs. Glenn - MMA
Stars:Toned Tommi
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Punches, Takedown
Date Added:04/01/2016
Description:NEW - In this 1.5 minute clip Toned Tommi takes Glenn to the ground with a knee to the head, then pounces on him. Several hard shots to the head and body later, she submits him with an arm bar!

Title:Preview Clip - Reign vs. John - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/30/2016
Description:She's dominated him from start to finish, so now she flexes for us while scissoring him!

Title:Preview Clip - Mandy K. vs. Chuck - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Mandy K.
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4
Date Added:03/28/2016
Description:Muscle MILF Mandy, has her lean muscular legs around his throat again!

Title:Preview Clip - Randy Moore vs. Duncan - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Randy Moore
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Breast Smother, Grapevine, Takedown
Date Added:03/27/2016
Description:Randy has a few tricks, but they're not up her sleeves!

Title:Preview Clip - Dulceee vs Billy - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Head Scissor
Date Added:03/26/2016
Description:Dulceee's scissorhold literally feels like two blades slicing into your neck!

Title:Preview Clip - Ludella Hahn (Nessie) - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Ludella Hahn - Nessie Squeeze
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/25/2016
Description:Nessie puts him out in her reverse scissor!

Title:Preview Clip - Kayley vs. Joey - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/24/2016
Description:His head is stuffed so tight in between her muscular slabs of granite, he can't hear a word she is saying!

Title:Preview Clip - Ace vs. Dante - Mixed Wrestling
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Triangle, Grapevine, Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/23/2016
Description:Ace overwhelms him with a deadly combination of size, speed, strength and skill!

Title:Preview Clip - Claire Irons vs. Nick - Topless Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Claire Irons
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Throat Scissor
Date Added:03/22/2016
Description:He's so "cute" when being choked in her scissors!

Title:Preview Clip - Sky Storm vs. Jay - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Sky Storm
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Reverse Head Scissor
Date Added:03/19/2016
Description:She's got an unbelievably devastating squeeze!

Title:Preview Clip - Summer Monroe vs Billy - Mixed Wrestling
Stars:Summer Monroe
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Date Added:03/17/2016
Description:You gotta love a beautiful young woman who loves to wrestle!