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MW-99 Syclone's Scissor Experiment!
Duration: 25 minutes
Sample Clip:
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Throat Scissor
Description:Syclone has arguably the best pair of genetically gifted legs on the planet! They are thick, muscular, shapely and strong. Her 16" calves are what leg-lovers drool over. Her eye-popping glutes are what ass-men are drawn to, but it's her mammoth thighs that can do major damage when caught in her scissorhold. The idea for MW-99, Syclone's Scissor Experiment was born when we watched the reaction from men as Syclone walked by at the Arnold Classic. She left a trail of heads turned and mouths agape. It's not all legs and ass, Syclone is pretty! And, she has a flirtatious innocence about her that is intoxicating. Syclone goes into the fitness center and displays her monster underpinnings on the treadmill. The goal? Entice one lucky dude to follow her back out when she's done, and "discover" what her legs can do. Just as we planned one lucky stiff is on a stationary bike as Syclone gets on the treadmill. He cannot believe the view as Syclone works out, and he can't take his eyes off her legs. When she leaves, he follows close behind. At the elevator sexy Syclone asks him if he "likes what he saw," and then invites him back to "get to know them a little better!" I mean what self-respecting male wouldn't, right? But in her room Syclone really let's him get "up close and personal," as she straps on the first of many intense scissors. What follows is a beautiful, young woman, squeezing the bejesus out of a man, who never would have dreamed he could be dominated in this fashion. Over and over Syclone presses her legs against his neck as his face turns bright red. Syclone knows the effect her luscious legs have on men, but it's her upper body that she is really proud of. It's taken a lot of hours in the gym to pack on enough muscle to give her body the proportion she needs to compete in physique. And proud she is to flex her round, full biceps nearly 2 dozen times throughout the video ... when she knows she has Gary in dire straits and wants to rub it in. Look at the guide photos and free clip. When she tells him she could "break his neck," you know she could! Check out MW-99, Syclone's Scissor Experiment and see for yourself what it might be like to get in-between Syclone's gorgeous gams! Enjoy!



Utopia Entertainment - Mixed Wrestling - Syclone's Scissor Experiment! - Syclone