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MW-95 Don't Piss Me Off!
Duration: 24 minutes
Sample Clip:
Stars:Claire Irons
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Beatdown, Belly Punching, Boxing, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Kicking, Knee Lift, MMA, Punches, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Standing Scissor, Victory Pose
Description:Muscular beauty Claire Irons comes to Utopia and completely beats down Glenn! Claire holds Brown Belts in 2 different martial arts disciplines, and has trained extensively in boxing and wrestling, so she knows a few things about striking and grappling. MW-95, Don't Piss Me Off starts as Glenn is tied up to one of the studio posts with his hands behind his back. Claire is wearing her 14oz pink boxing gloves. She introduces Glenn as her "human punching bag," then begins to hit Glenn with gut wrenching shot after shot. Soon she peppers his mid-section with 32 rapid-fire belly punches, followed by 20 more. Powerful uppercut rib-shots begin to weaken him, then Claire delivers a few shots to the side of Glenn's jaw. Some well-placed side kicks dig deeply into the big guys torso. Claire changes into her MMA gloves and tells Glenn "Now we're going to feel a little bit of pain!" With that Claire unleashes full fury to bring the big guy to his knees. Awesome power-punch after power-punch, nasty kick after kick, a few well place back fists to the face, front kicks and a couple of ridiculous rabbit punches send him to the floor. There Claire hits him with some knee lifts and then straps on a standing scissorhold while smashing his back. Claire tells us Glenn looks like her ex (who cheated on her, then dumped her) and she is genuinely enraged by Glenn's cockiness. She dials up her barrage and attacks him with bad intentions. Claire knocks Glenn down with some heavy shots and Claire clamps on some vicious scissorholds. Claire combines her side and reverse scissors with some brutal gut punches and he is unable to mount much resistance. Claire mercilessly lets him free and tells him to "Get up!" Now on his feet Claire unleashes 4 violent backhands to Glenn's jaw and then attacks him with knee lifts to send him back to the mat. Claire pounces on him and what follows is another 5+ minutes of some of (if not THE) most intense scissors and punching combos we've ever filmed. Of note is her brutal figure 4 and front scissor where Glenn is practically being choked out and could barely breathe. Glenn absorbs several more head shots while being scissored, as Claire continues her overwhelming assault. In the end Claire victoriously stands over her defeated opponent while flexing her biceps and then crashes one last foot stomp into his belly. Claire's raw power, anger, and skill dominate the much bigger man. After watching Glenn's complete beatdown at the hands and legs of Claire, two thoughts ran through our minds ... Don't ever get on Claire's bad side and Don't Piss Her Off! Enjoy!



Utopia Entertainment - Mixed Wrestling - Don't Piss Me Off! - Claire Irons