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MW-121 Ava Abuses Derrick!
Duration: 27 minutes
Sample Clip:
Stars:Ava Simone
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Camel Clutch, Choke, Cradle, Cradle Carry, Figure 4, Figure 4 Body Scissor, Flexing, Foot Worship, Front Scissor, Guillotine, Leg Nelson, Lotus, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Schoolgirl Pin, Side Scissor, Smother, Standing Front Scissor, Standing Scissor, Takedown, Triangle, Victory Pose
Description:Sensual domme and sexy session wrestler Ava Simone returns to Utopia and completely abuses Derrick in a spectacular mixed wrestling beatdown. For some unknown reason, Derrick gets mouthy with Ava at the beginning of the video and refuses to admit that he's going to be her video victim. He actually says to her, "Maybe you'll be my victim!?" This prompts a shoving match until Ava slaps young Derrick upside his head, and then promptly wrestles him to the ground like a rodeo cowboy roping a steer. Derrick really got under Ava's skin because in all the videos we've produced with Ava, we've never seen her more determined and brutal. This isn't your typical scissor fest, more a wrestling beatdown of sorts, as Ava twists him into some innovative yet torturous holds. It starts with Ava taking the wind from his sails with some grueling body scissors including a body triangle, and combining that with a rear naked choke. Then she mounts him in a schoolgirl triangle and embarrasses him with some nose pinching, belly punching smothering, and flexing over him as he flails unsuccessfully to escape. Ava picks him up in a cradle and carries him to the couch where she slams him down and mounts him again. Here she decides to see how limber the young buck is as she takes turns folding him in half one leg at a time. Then it's head scissor time and Ava nearly knocks him out in her straight leg front scissor. She walks him back over to the mat, his head still wedged in her meaty thighs and has him hanging on for dear life hopelessly trapped in her muscular prison. As she lets him go, he falls to his back and Ava sits on his belly and uses his face as her foot rest. She then folds him in half again while applying a rib bending body scissor and spanks him. From here on out she completely humiliates him with more crushing body scissors, chokes, a lotus, camel clutch, standing scissor, aerial side scissor, side figure 4, reverse scissor and another front scissor to completely seal his submission. Along the way Ava gets Derrick to admit that he is indeed her video victim. Presenting for your viewing enjoyment MW-121, Ava Abuses Derrick!



Utopia Entertainment - Mixed Wrestling - Ava Abuses Derrick! - Ava Simone