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MW-116 Admit You're Helpless!
Duration: 33 minutes
Sample Clip:
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Camel Clutch, Chin Lock, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Headlock Pin, Pin, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Spladle, Surfboard, Victory Pose
Description:Pro Powerlifter Morgan is a beast, and normally walks around at about 190lbs. She holds several powerlifting records and her strength is off-the-charts! That said, this video was shot at the same time as Morgan Rules, and features 5'10" Morgan, in contest shape at around 158lbs., rock hard, with 15" biceps, 24" thighs, and 15" calves. To show off her gym built bod, Morgan wears the briefest bikini she's ever worn in a video! Her lean, yet muscle packed physique is on display throughout. In MW-116, Admit You're Helpless, her new boyfriend Derrick tells her he's thinking of getting back into shape by taking a wrestling class for "only $380 a month." Morgan thinks this is ridiculous, not only because $380 a month is an ostentatious amount of money, but Derrick is a klutz. He's pretty buff and strong, at 5'11" and 180lbs., but certainly not an accomplished wrestler. Morgan, on the other hand was a star track athlete in high school and college, and even though she's not yet an expert wrestler, her scissorholds are paralyzing. She has that rare combination of muscle size, yet cable-like inner thighs that both crush your head and strangle you at the same time. Morgan challenges Derrick right away. If he can escape her wrestling holds, he can enroll in the class. So onto the mats they go. Every time Derrick even moves an inch, she clamps down with her inner thigh muscles, and debilitates him. He's completely helpless, and reduced to clutching at Morgan's magnificent legs that hold him prisoner. He valiantly tries to break free, but Morgan is relentless and never lets up. 30 minutes and 15 wrestling holds later, Derrick's wrestling dreams (and neck) are mashed into oblivion. Of particular note is the over 3 minute "Hangman" figure 4 that Morgan rolls him into. It's sexy and devastating at the same time! Other holds featured include, classic head scissors, classic figure 4, front head scissor, front figure 4, side head scissor, side scissor 4, body scissor with arm-in choke, camel clutch, surfboard, spladle pin, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4 and victory pose in which Morgan flexes her impressive biceps over her vanquished foe. One of the things fans love about Morgan is her verbal mind game. She has a way of belittling and taunting her opponents that is really sexy and when she's done you're totally humiliated physically and mentally! Check out Morgan in the best shape of her life in MW-116, Admit You're Helpless! Enjoy!



Utopia Entertainment - Mixed Wrestling - Admit You're Helpless! - Morgan