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MW-104 Mandy vs. Dominick!
Duration: 29 minutes
Sample Clip:
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:3/4 Nelson, Alligator Roll, Arm Drag, Body Scissor, Cradle, Double Leg Takedown, Figure 4, Fireman’s Carry, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Granby Roll, Grapevine, Half Nelson, Head Scissor, Other, Pin, Reverse Cradle, Reverse Head Scissor, Saturday Night Ride, Side Scissor, Single Leg Takedown, Takedown, Twister
Description:Young Mandy is one of (if not the most) accomplished wrestlers on Utopia. She grew up in a wrestling family where her dad is a high school coach, and her brother a state champ. She wrestled all through junior high and high school on the boys team and also competed in Gymnastics since age 5. Really cute, young, flexible, skilled, strong and athletic, this was shot when Mandy was 20 years old. Mandy is all business on the mat but surprises Kip with a super sexy wrestling singlet. Then she proceeds to mop the floor with Dominick who is 6 inches taller and 40 lbs heavier. Young Mandy looks really innocent, but she is way stronger than she appears, super athletic, competitive, acrobatic, fast as lightning and relentless. Mandy's main thing is pinning men flat on their backs and in MW-104, Mandy vs. Dominick, she pins Dominick many times with a variety of different holds. However, she knows Kip loves submission wrestling as well, so she straps on her powerful thighs to Dom's head in some incredible scissorholds from all sorts of angles! You'll be amazed at the array of moves, counters, pins and holds Mandy throws against Dominick. In the end with Dom's humiliation nearly complete and trapped in a brutal side scissor and side scissor 4, Mandy makes him submit by saying "A girl half my size just beat my ass!" It's awesome and so is Mandy! Enjoy!



Utopia Entertainment - Mixed Wrestling - Mandy vs. Dominick! - Mandy