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Title:The Works! - Starring Wonder D
Stars:Wonder D
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Description:Wonder D is a tall, ripped, IFBB Women's Pro living in NYC. In UTCS-215, The Works, Wonder D does just that, throw's everything but the kitchen sink at young Steve. It's mostly Wonder D scissoring, but includes roughly 2 minutes of facesitting, and 2 minutes of foot worship, as well as about a minute of Steve worshipping D's muscular thighs and calves. Wonder D is shredded and vascular beyond belief, right in between 2 Pro bodybuilding events, and she was in a no-nonsense "I'm gonna squeeze the shit out of you mood." Wonder D told us she wanted to be mean "to Steve today" and we (with Steve's permission) said emphatically "YES!" So, Wonder D set out to put a hurting on Steve, and this is an incredible scissoring! Her thighs are nearly 24" and her calves are massive at 16." When she tightens her thighs around Steve's neck, and clenches her ass cheeks together, you think she might pop his top right off. We've all heard the comparisons of a woman's scissorhold to a Boa or Python, but no-one personifies that more than Wonder D in contest condition. Trapped in her reverse figure 4, paralyzed within her leggy grip, Steve's head is literally engulfed in-between her fantastic muscular gams and he's being smashed and smothered at the same time. Since this shoot, we have nick-named Wonder D "The Human Anaconda!" However, Steve is a gamer, and this is honestly some of the roughest treatment he has taken to date. Grueling holds of note include: Classic head scissor, figure 4, standing front scissor, standing figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, standing reverse figure 4, grapevine, hip thrust, body scissor, rear naked choke, HOM smother, muscle worship, front scissor, front figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, throat scissor, reverse facesit and foot worship. After the shoot, even D checks in on Steve, as our normally talkative jobber sat silently in the corner taking stock of his faculties. TRT 15 minutes, enjoy!

See more of Wonder D here:

- UTCS-178, Oil Me Bitch!

- UTCS-179, Wonder D's Scissors!

- UTCS-193, Wonder D Wrestling & Scissoring!
Title:Wonder D Wrestling & Scissoring!
Stars:Wonder D
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, HOM Smother, Muscle Worship, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Straddle, Victory Pose
Description:Wonder D is a shredded IFBB Women's Physique Pro living in NYC. When we say shredded, we're not just whistling dixie. This women is massive, vascular and ripped. I mean when you see her flex her eye-popping quads or biceps as she's pressing her scissorholds, it's literally an anatomy lesson. Every muscle group is fully on display, and we don't see many women with her level physique in a mixed wrestling video very often. So we feel very fortunate to be able to present these clips to you. UTCS-193, Wonder D Scissoring & Wrestling is Wonder D's very first mat wrestling video and she does not disappoint! Steve is talking smack at the beginning as he so often does, but Wonder D just grabs him and ensnares him in a body scissor, rear naked choke and full nelson. Then, it's scissor-time! Her classic head scissor, and figure 4 practically break his jaw. Then she climbs on him for a hip-thrusting grapevine. It's not a jackhammer, more slow and intense and she grinds him into the mat. Then she rolls over and pulls his head high up in her cookie for a torturous front scissor and figure 4. This is actually her favorite scissor and she re-visits this at the end to totally finish him off. Next she mounts him for her reverse scissor, and reverse figure 4. This is where you can see how striated her thighs and glutes are. His nose is buried deep in that ultra-tight ass and he is being all but snuffed out. Another body scissor, this time combined with an HOM smother gives way to her devastating side scissor. Then, something we've never seen before, his head is literally erased by the sheer girth of her incredible thighs. She works them in and out with her hamstring embedded in his jaw, and Steve is completely paralyzed and helpless in this moment. Then she straddles him, smothering him and flexing her baseball shaped biceps, before flopping to her side and treating us to her mind-numbing front scissor. She really puts it to him here, and you'll be wondering if she might literally decapitate him in this scissor. Lastly her Victory Pose as Steve is prone on the floor, completely humiliated by Wonder D! TRT 10 minutes, enjoy!
Title:Wonder D's Scissors!
Stars:Wonder D
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Victory Pose
Description:Wonder D is a tall, ripped, vascular, IFBB Women's Physique Pro of Amazonian proportions living in NYC.  We were lucky enough to meet up with her and shoot 4 clips total of her just 4 days before she competed at the 2022 Tampa Pro.  This is clip 2 of the 4.  The first was UTCS-178, Oil Me Bitch, in which scissor boy Steve was lucky enough to oil up Wonder D's massive muscles.  But now it's time to pay the piper as they say and in UTCS-179, Wonder D's Scissors, Steve gets a severe couch scissoring with Wonder D utilizing her huge, striated thighs and calves to crush the snot out of him.  Her fantastic legs would make a thoroughbred racehorse jealous and overall her awesome "granite-like" physique is like an anatomy lesson, where you can witness her flexing every muscle group individually, as she squeezes him senseless.  You literally get the sense she could decapitate him is she wanted.  Wonder D's scissors has excellent lighting and camerawork by Kip, with many sensational close-ups.  Holds of note include: intense classic head scissors and classic figure 4, paralyzing side scissors and side figure 4, bruising reverse scissors and reverse scissor 4, grapevine, body scissor, some awesome flexing and a victory pose to end the clip.   Wonder D should be classified as one of the "Wonders of the World" and you'll understand why after watching this video! TRT 9 minutes, enjoy!
Title:Oil Me Bitch!
Stars:Wonder D
Genre:Muscle Worship
Hold:Flexing, Muscle Worship, Posing
Description:Wonder D is an phenomenal IFBB Women's Physique Pro from NYC.  Tall, shredded, vascular, and hard as a rock, this clip was shot 4 days before she competed at the 2022 Tampa Pro.  Wonder D has a dominant side and she loves to have lowly slave boys oil her up and massage her massive muscles.  In UTCS-178, Oil Me Bitch, Steve is her lucky bitch boy this day and he oils her granite-like slabs, as she flexes for fans of pro level female physiques and Kip's camera.  Watching D flex her awesome physique is like an anatomy lesson, and there's many incredible close-ups as Wonder D flexes every body part, especially her 16" calves and thoroughbred like "race horse" hamstrings.  This clip is the first of 4 total clips from this shoot, including flexing, muscle worship, scissoring and facesitting.  TRT is 9.5 minutes of some of the sexiest, ripped muscle you will ever see!  Enjoy!