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Title:Lora's Power Bar Punishment!
Stars:Lora Cross
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Camel Clutch, Chin Lock, Figure 4, Flexing, Foot Worship, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Throat Figure 4, Throat Scissor
Description:Lora Cross is an all-natural, sexy, Southern, session wrestler babe, with a lean, muscular physique, baseball shaped biceps, 6-pack abs, and a world-class derrière. She works hard in the gym and runs miles each day to keep her tan, fit, physique in optimum ass kicking shape. Lora loves nothing more than humiliating men with her incredibly strong runner's legs in grueling scissorholds! In UTCS-200, Lora's Power Bar Punishment, She comes home from working out and her BF has eaten her last protein bar. After she fishes it out of his lying mouth, she delivers a sexy, savage, scissoring beatdown, highlighted by having him eat something else, her beautifully manicured toes. Lora is proud of her biceps, and when she flexes over him you know there is about to be a vicious scissor leg snap to accompany it, sending the message that she owns him. Holds of note include: classic head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, reverse scissor, grapevine, foot worship, side scissor, throat scissor, and fishhook camel clutch. You'll love watching sexy Lora dressed in a slinky slingshot scissoring Ed. A special New Years Eve treat! TRT 10 minutes, enjoy!
Title:Lora Cross vs. Steve!
Stars:Lora Cross
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Camel Clutch, Death Grip, Figure 4, Hangman Figure 4, Head Scissor, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor
Description:Lora Cross. is an all-natural session wrestler and adult star with a lean, muscular physique, baseball shaped biceps, 6-pack abs, and a world-class derrière. Always tan, fit, and aggressive Lora loves nothing more than getting her tight, toned legs around a bigger man's neck and humiliating him. In UTCS-184, Lora Cross vs. Steve, she does exactly that! Steve is nearly a foot taller and weighs roughly 100 lbs. more than her, yet she makes him tap in a variety of punishing scissorholds. The very first takedown isn't really competitive, but what happens on the ground is real. She latches onto his neck with her incredibly sexy, firm gams and squeezes him into submission over and over again. She promises "1 tap in every position" and gets it, while turning his face nearly purple in all of them. Seemingly always smiling, Lora loves to snap her legs out to create mind-numbing jolts of power, as she presses her cable like inner thighs into his carotid arteries. Then comes the bicep flexing and shit-talking all designed to prove to him how helpless he is while being dominated by a "little girl." When we first told Steve he would be wrestling Lora Cross, he laughed and told me she was way too small for him and he actually told Lora behind the scenes, he would "go easy on her." Underestimating Lora like this was a huge mistake, because she is one of the most competitive women he's ever met. Indeed, beautiful Lora has competed at the college level in softball and triathlon, competing in ultra-marathons and Spartan races, has been a powerlifter and CrossFit coach, and now trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So when Steve brought his macho shit-head, "I'm gonna go easy on you" game, Lora turned it inward, and then thrashed Steve until he had to admit he was "Lora Crosses Little Bitch!" Nearly every scissor you can think of is utilized including a nasty aerial hangman, as well as camel clutch, facesitting, tons of flexing victory pose and a death grip (dragon sleeper) to earn her final submission. Lora Cross. has quickly become one of the fan favorite's on Utopia and it's easy to see why! TRT 13 minutes, enjoy!
Title:The Scissor Squad - Part 2
Stars:Bianca Blance, Lora Cross, Sheena
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:2 on 1, 3 on 1, Ankle Pick, Back Breaker, Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Flip, Foot Choke, Foot Worship, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Ippon Seoinage, One-arm Shoulder Throw, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4
Description:The Scissor Squad is what might happen if Charlie's Angels were expert scissor goddesses and dressed like dominatrix's. It stars wrestling phenoms: Sheena, Bianca Blance, and Lora Cross.. The Scissor Squad Part 2, picks up exactly where The Scissor Squad Part 1, leaves off, with Sheena lifting Steve off the mat and then sending him head over heels to the mat with a perfectly executed one-arm shoulder throw. From there the squad swarms on him like bees on honey. They take turns singled up on him, then double and triple team him for some incredible mixed wrestling scissors fun. There's head scissors, grapevine, figure 4, body scissor, choke, side scissor, side figure 4, front scissor, ankle scissor, foot worship, facesiitting, and tons of flexing. Near the end each woman takes their turn trying to break his neck in their scissorholds. Will he perish? Check out the scissor squad part 2 to find out what happens in the end! MW-150, The Scissor Squad Full Version is in the 25 minute range and will be completed and released within the next 2 days. UTCS-175, The Scissor Squad Part 2, is 12 minutes of non-stop action by 3 ultra-sexy, scissoring sirens. Get Sheena's, Bianca Blance's, and Lora Cross's contact info at the end of the video. TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!
Title:The Scissor Squad, Part 1
Stars:Bianca Blance, Lora Cross, Sheena
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:2 on 1, 3 on 1, Body Scissor, Boston Crab, Facesit, Figure 4, Flexing, Foot Worship, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Hammerlock, Head Scissor, Muscle Worship, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Scissor Slams, Scissor Snaps, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Slapping, Smother
Description:Recently we had the honor of shooting with 3 of the hottest women in mixed wrestling, Sheena, Bianca Blance, and Lora Cross. and we brainstormed the idea for "The Scissor Squad." Indeed, meet any of these sexy session wrestlers one on one, and you're about to get your ass handed to you. Face all 3 of them at the same time? No telling what might occur, but we were willing to go along for the ride! For lack of a better explanation, The Scissor Squad is: what would happen if Charlie's Angels were expert scissor goddesses and dressed like dominatrix's. How would they extract information from their enemies? Well in this rendition, UTCS-171, The Scissor Squad Part 1, our three heroine's first take turns dismantling him one on one, and then they expertly team up on him, two on one and three on one. The Scissor Squad full version is in the 25 minute range and this is Part 1. Part 2 and the full version will be released in the next few weeks. Sheena takes control at the beginning by completely woman-handling him with a Boston crab, body scissor and grapevine, before crushing the daylights out of Steve with grueling front scissors, reverse scissors and reverse figure 4's. Sheena is the queen of inducing panic as she ignores his taps. Then it's Bianca's turn and she immediately goes to her signature scissor chops and scissor snaps, before treating Steve to "the Washing Machine!" A reverse facesit where Bianca quickly shifts her hips back and forth right on Steve's face. Bianca is in tremendous condition, and she is really powerful, when she gets to scissoring, you better hold on, cause it's gonna be a rough ride! You can tell Steve is shaken and doesn't know what's coming next. In this case, it's Lora's turn and she mounts Steve and titty smothers him. Her legs are amazingly fit, muscular and strong and she attacks Steve's head, and then Bianca and Sheena join in on the fun. The Scissor Squad is 14 solid minutes of non-stop action by 3 ultra-sexy, dominant women, at the top of their wrestling game. Enjoy!
Stars:Lora Cross
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Belly Punching, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Chin Lock, Facesit, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Kicking, Punches, Punching, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Figure 4, Side Scissor, Smother, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Throat Figure 4, Throat Scissor
Description:Cammy is a very popular fighting female video game character and represents are very first cosplay video clip ever. I'm not sure why we never went down the cosplay path before, but as they say, better late than never.  Playing Cammy is none other than super sexy fetish star and session wrestler Lora Cross.  When we first laid eyes on Lora, with her all natural muscular physique, golden tan, creamy inner thighs, baseball shaped biceps, and blonde hair, we knew she was a woman we had to feature.  To us she embodies Cammy, and when we approached her with the idea of playing her, she was all in!  Lora isn't just another pretty face and smoking hot body, she built that physique by being a career athlete.  Softball, marathon running, triathlon, CrossFit, and now ju-jitsu are all sports Lora has excelled in.  So she has the athletic ability strength, and stamina to submit any mere mortal over and over again in session wrestling. In UTCS-170, Cammy,Lora brings her A-game to the character and her energy and enthusiasm are matched only by her wrestling prowess, and power-packed scissor holds.  Indeed, when Lora straps on the legs, it's 100% pressure followed by repeated snapping, and brutal figure 4s.  Multiple front Scissors, front figure 4's, aerial side scissors, side figure 4's, reverse scissors, and reverse figure 4's abound, and  Steve's neck was bright red after his videos against Lora.   If there's one thing Lora likes better than a good scissorhold, it's a smother session, and she plants that perfect ass and tight little cookie right on Steve's face!  Take a look at the sample clip, this is a mere taste and represents 1/15th of the beating Lora dishes out to Steve as Cammy. Lora's one of the sexiest women in mixed wrestling and this video is pretty special.  Tons of brutal neck wrenching scissors, music, graphics and sound effects complete our rendition of video game character Cammy, played impeccably by Luscious Lora Cross!  TRT 14.5 minutes, enjoy!