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Title:Pro Muscles vs. Ed!
Stars:Pro Muscles
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Chin Lock, Figure 4, Flexing, Flip, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Throw, Hip Thrust, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Schoolgirl Pin, Side Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Throat Scissor, Victory Pose
Description:Utopia Entertainment visited Los Angeles recently and was lucky enough to shoot a few clips with awesome IFBB competitor, Pro Muscles. Pro Muscles is a Brazilian beauty who came to America for college.  A competitive swimmer who spoke very little English in those days, she gave up swimming to concentrate on her studies, but continued training in the gym to stay athletic and strong.  Soon she was bitten by the bug to build her body for competition.  And build she did, as she earned her pro card, with incredible muscle size, shape and symmetry.  Combine that with gorgeous looks, flawless skin, intelligence and this is one woman who could rule the world!  As is often the case at Utopia, we first love to feature newcomers to the site in brand new installments of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!" So in UTCS-135, Pro Muscles vs. Ed we measure Pro Muscles biceps, thighs and calves on camera and then she takes to the mat against Ed. Pro Muscles has been training hard in Wrestling and BJJ for about a year now, and she knows her scissorholds. Right out of the gate she flips Ed to the ground and then mounts him with a hip thrusting grapevine. Then she gets those gorgeous gams on him in several variations of scissors.  Classic head scissor and classic figure 4, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4, throat scissor and throat 4, a schoolgirl pin with some awesome flexing, and then she tells him she's going to "finish him" in a devastating front scissor and front figure 4.  When Ed taps his final submission, she stands over him with her foot planted on his chest in a classic victory pose. Pro Muscles is beautiful, buff, and badass, and her newest wrestling clip is here on Enjoy!
Title:Dakotarose's Scissor Game!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Flexing, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Triangle, Victory Pose
Description:Ultra-hot British fitness woman Dakotarose returns to Utopia to play her favorite scissor game. In UTCS-132, Dakotarose's Scissor Game, jobber Gary has 1 minute to escape Dakota's scissorholds. If he can't escape, she gets to go full-out for 15 seconds. If he does escape, Dakota owes him 20 Quid. A "Quid" btw, is a slang British expression for a pound sterling (currently $1.39) similar to how we sometimes refer to a dollar as a buck. So for the math majors out there, 20 Quid is roughly $27.70. This is for every time he escapes. So Gary stands to make a lot of money. Dakota, dressed in a sheer, red, cut-out teddy that barely contains her natural assets, starts out with a good old-fashioned head scissor and pours it on. With that much money on the line, she gives him zero chance of escape during the first minute. Then as rules of the game are, she gets to brutally squeeze him for the next 15 seconds. When they're done with the first hold, he's already desperate and tired, but still wanting to try to cash in, as Dakota locks him up in: body scissors, a front triangle, a front scissor, a reverse head scissor and a reverse figure 4. Does Gary get rich, or get punished throughout? Well, this is Utopia! Enjoy!
Title:Double Schoolgirl Surprise!
Stars:Sheena, Warrior Amazone
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Ankle Scissor, Arm Bar, Breast Smother, Facesit, Figure 4, Fireman’s Carry, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Schoolgirl Pin, Side Scissor, Smother, Straddle, Throat Scissor, Victory Pose
Description:Most fans of mixed wrestling in general, and Utopia in particular know that Sheena and Warrior Amazone are best friends. So when Dominick schedules a session with Sheena and then cancels last minute to book with Warrior, they immediately find out the situation. As we fade up our 2 mixed wrestling beauties are dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits complete with mini skirts, leggings and hose, and decide to confront him. Sheena pulls him into the room and onto the mats, and so his 13 minute, 2 on 1 beatdown begins. Sheena and Warrior Amazone are 2 of the most popular session girls on the planet for good reason. Both are beautiful, powerful and skilled, yet genuinely sweet as sugar and mean as a junkyard dog, all at the same time. It's uncanny! These two have worked together in double sessions many times and this is a small taste of what you might expect if you're ever lucky enough to partake. As one of the girls scissors you, the other mounts you for a facesitting smother. You might think you died and went to heaven, although when one shifts into painful reverse scissor, you might literally feel like your days are numbered! Holds of note include: arm bar, calf scissor, body scissor, front scissor, classic scissor, figure 4, straddle, breast smother, ankle choke, facesitting, reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 and more. In the end, our 2 beautiful dominants stand over Dominick in a double victory pose, and then he gets lifted over Sheena's shoulder and tossed out of the room like the trash that he is! Enjoy!
Title:I'm Too Strong For You!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Camel Clutch, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Guillotine, Rear Naked Choke, Scissor Snaps, Straddle, Takedown, Triangle
Description:Dakotarose is a beautiful, all natural, 5’7” 123lb IFBB Fitness woman from the UK. We found Dakota on social media and she told us that she was a tomboy growing up and has been doing sessions for about 2 years now. She loves to mix it up on the mats and dominate men in wrestling sessions, “with her strong legs and six pack abs.” We reached out to our friend Pippa at The Submission Room to create some video of Dakota for us. Dakota has a really sexy style, as she loves to look right into the camera while trapping her victim in an inescapable guillotine or scissor and telling him how pathetic he is. We find out she has a bit of a mean streak too, because when he is completely helpless, she pours it on with jolts of full power. We loved the sexy look on her face when she bears down, followed by a cute smile, a flex of her biceps, followed by a verbal taunt. Holds of note include: takedown, guillotine, triangle, front scissor and tons of sexy flexing. Dakota wears a low cut thong, cut-out 1 piece that can barely contain her natural breasts. She has him exhausted, beaten and begging for mercy in minutes. Enjoy!
Title:You're No Match For Me!
Stars:Denise Anders
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Facesit, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Muscle Worship, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Victory Pose
Description:Denise Wrestler aka Muscle Worship Girl, is a gorgeous 5'7" 170lb IFBB Pro physique woman from the UK. She just recently started doing private sessions and we immediately reached out to her to see how we could get her in a wrestling video. She wrote back that she would be at The Submission Room in London and we immediately reached out to our friend Pippa to create this video for us. Denise isn't called "Muscle Worship Girl" by mistake. Denise has 15" biceps, 24" thighs and 15" calves. She benches 175lbs for reps, leg presses 660lbs and squats over 300lbs. So when she says worship my muscles, you better get to it! Denise loves to wrestle men down and place them in punishing scissor holds. When they can't escape, she makes them submit and start worshipping. Then she sexily starts flexing over you and makes you beg to be released. If you don't beg hard enough or massage her muscles good enough, more pulverizing head scissors are just around the corner. We felt it was only natural to give fans a taste of what it might be like to session with this fantastic woman, so that is exactly what this video features, a beautiful, muscular IFBB pro, scissoring, getting her muscles worshiped, some flexing, and oh yeah, Denise sits right on his face for total smothering humiliation! Enjoy!
Title:Call Me Master - Part 1
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Smother
Description:Pro powerlifter Morgan, returns home from grappling class feeling pretty good about herself. In class they were practicing scissorhold submissions and she tapped out everyone who got caught in between her massive 26" gams. Her boyfriend knows she's big and strong, but he is a disbeliever, thinking he could escape her scissors "no problem."  So they make a bet, if he wins, she buys dinner. If she wins, he has to call her "Master" for 3 days. Morgan places the first scissor on him and makes him scream in agony as she nearly squashes his head like a watermelon. She challenges him to break free and you can witness Steve's genuine struggle. When he claws at her meaty underpinnings, you can see his handprints as he lets go in futility. Then she pushes him to the floor and mounts him with a grapevine, mashing him into the floor as she pins him and headlocks him too. He barely endures meany hip-thrusts designed to inflict as much pain as possible.  Then it's her rib-bending body scissor. He can't break free even when it's legs alone, but when she secures him in a rear naked choke, it's nearly lights out.  Laughing at his helplessness, Morgan makes him call her Master, and beg to be let free. Morgan is the queen of belittling men when caught in her grip and she taunts Steve throughout. We've featured this beautiful, smart, power-packed woman in many videos over the last few years, and Morgan can only be seen on Enjoy!

Other excellent clips featuring Morgan!

Morgan Rules! - Her first video ever in contest shape

Admit You're Helpless! - In contest condition, shot on the same day as Morgan Rules!
Morgan Powerlifts Him! - Awesome display of strength!

Morgan's Scissor Torture! - Morgan scissors 2 different men into oblivion!

Be Careful What You Wish For, Morgan Style - Glenn loves to be scissored, but Morgan is a beast!

Title:You're My Bitch!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Chin Lock, Figure 4, Flexing, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Victory Pose
Description:Utopia fans can never get enough of smoking hot Physique and Figure Competitor Kayley.  This beautiful hardbody is one of the most requested women on our site for good reason. She's pretty, tan, always in shape, has 14" biceps, a wasp-like core with 6-pack abs, and neck-crushing thighs. Whenever we have a new victim, and a really strong woman shoot together, we always do a demo squeeze, so that the girl knows how much punishment a dude can take, and the dude gets a feeling for just how devastating a given woman's scissorhold is going to be. It's a win/win/win, because we always shoot these to get our camera chops down as well. However, in UTCS-107, You're My Bitch, something got lost in translation during the test squeeze. Kayley thought it was the real thing and laid into Joey, and Joey didn't know what hit him.  It took her about 10 seconds to take hm to: "the lights are on but nobody's home" state of being! After that Joey is a whimpering little bitch, that Kayley relentlessly scissors into oblivion. We were so excited when she nearly knocked him out, we didn't tell her to stop and just kept the camera rolling. Kayley challenges her newest victim to escape, but she knows her powerful legs are way stronger than his arms. Still, she enjoys a reason to pour on the pressure during his feeble attempts to escape. Holds of note include: head scissors and figure 4, where you can see sexy Kaley tense her abs and shift her wasp-like 6-pack to our delight, side scissor, and side figure 4, and 2 different sets of reverse scissors and reverse figure 4's that last over 5 minutes.  The lighting and camerawork are excellent in this offering with tons of awesome close-ups, as sexy Kayley makes Joey her Bitch!  In the end Kayley enjoys a victory pose with her foot planted squarely on Joey's chest while she flexes her fantastic biceps over and over.  Enjoy!

Utopia is your home for Beautiful Kayley Mixed Wrestling!

Kayley vs. Nick! - Her first video for Utopia

My Miss America Legs! - In near contest condition, Kayley destroys her insulting friend!
Scissoring the Slob! - Again in Near Contest Shape, Kayley punishes her slob boyfriend!
Title:The Last Bitch Standing!
Stars:Jolene Hexx, Lilly Ice
Genre:Female Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Body Scissor, Camel Clutch, Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Grappling, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Standing Scissor, Takedown
Description:Jolene Hexx and Lilly Ice are 2 of the most popular session girls on the planet right now.  In UTCS-106, The Last Bitch Standing, they are chilling on the mats in between videos and checking out social media on their phones. Jolene notices Lilly has made a post saying "Come see me for the session of your life. I'm the best session girl right now, even better than Jolene Hexx, lololol!" Beautiful Jolene is a veteran of hundreds of sessions, and videos, so you can imagine how she feels about the post, but when she confronts Lilly, she gets a rather snarky response. Lilly is a former figure competitor and has an awesome physique, but she's not nearly as experienced, so Jolene takes this as a clear challenge. So it's match-on as Jolene pulls Lilly to the mat and secures her in a grapevine. Soon in this sexy session-girls battle, the tops come off, insults get slung back and forth, and these gorgeous wrestlers energetically trade multiple holds and the advantage. Who will be "the last bitch standing?" Check out the video today to find out.  Enjoy!
Title:Backstabber's Beatdown!
Stars:VeVe Lane
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Backbend, Banana Split, Body Scissor, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Choke, Death Grip, Facesit, Figure 4, Fireman's Carry Lift, Fireman’s Carry, Flexing, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Headlock Pin, Monkey Flip, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Saturday Night Ride, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Takedown
Description:In UTCS-105, Backstabber's Beatdown, sensational wrestler/grappler VeVe Lane overhears her friend Diablo talking with her new jobber Rich behind her back. Seems Rich is upset that during his "tryout" Veve went extra hard on him, and when he complains to Diablo, he takes Rich's side. This sends fiery redhead Veve into attack mode and she takes turns with each man twisting them up, down and sideways! First Rich, then Diablo, then when they are both suitably softened up, she traps both of them together!  If Rich thought Veve went hard in the first match, it is nothing compared to the beating he receives after smack talking behind her back.  Diablo also gets a double dose of scissors reality as he is her "so-called, friend!" Holds of note include: fireman's carry, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, dragon sleeper, Boston crab, camel clutch, standing scissor, banana split, rear naked choke, body scissor, full nelson, facesitting and much more!  In fact we counted over 34 pro and amateur style wrestling holds, throws, variations and combinations in 16 incredible, action-packed minutes! Veve is always in top condition, with peaked biceps and 6-pack abs and her stamina is unparalleled! Normally a mixed wrestling 2 on 1 consists 2 women beating up 1 man, but not Veve! This is 1 woman at the peak of her wrestling game dominating 2 men at once! Simply awesome!
Title:Jolene Hexx vs. Ed!
Stars:Jolene Hexx
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Body Scissor, Breast Smother, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Grappling, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Triangle, Victory Pose
Description:Exceptional session wrestler and fetish model Jolene Hexx visits Utopia in another installment of Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle, this time against jobber Ed. If you know anything about Kip and UtopiaEntertainment, you know Kip rarely reveals to the guys who they will be wrestling before a given match.  He doesn't want anyone backing out last minute for any reason.  But let's face it, most wrestling Jobbers love this stuff and Ed is no exception, so why would they back out right?   Ed loves to wrestle women, except when the opponent is Jolene!  You see Jolene has beat Ed's ass severely a few other times before and Kip felt he might be scared to face her this time, so Kip doesn't tell him who he will be wrestling. That said, Kip didn't tell Jolene either, only saying to her that she would be pleasantly surprised.  In the beginning of UTCS-104, Jolene Hexx vs. Ed, Ed tries to get the cameraman to tell him who his opponent is, but Kip didn't tell the cameraman either.  The only instruction for all of them was, "Show up on the main mat at 1:00 sharp!"  So when Jolene skips onto the mat, there stands Ed. Jolene is one of the fiercest wrestlers on the circuit.  She's tall, lean, strong, skilled and aggressive. Jolene attacks Ed with veracity and takes him down immediately with a guillotine, then maneuvers him into a reverse head scissor, getting 3 brutal submissions inside of the first 30 seconds. The rest of the match pretty much goes the same way, as Jolene savagely submits Ed over and over again. We counted 25 tap-outs in all ... a nearly 3 tap-a-minute pace! Check out the preview clip, it is a mere taste of the wrestling beatdown Jolene dishes out to poor Ed. Please enjoy UTCS-104, Jolene Hexx vs. Ed!
Title:Lilly Ice vs Ed!
Stars:Lilly Ice
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Straddle, Takedown
Description:Recently Session Girls was kind enough to shoot a couple of clips for as at one of their most recent events. Presenting Lilly Ice in another installment of Utopia's Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle! Beautiful Lilly is a gifted, natural athlete, who played multiple sports growing up and then took her talents to the Lingerie football League. A few years later, this beautiful, built, blonde started wrestling for the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC.) It was a natural migration for this sexy tomboy to eventually match her skills against men, and just recently she has taken the session wrestling world by storm. In UTCS-103, Lilly Ice vs. Ed, sexy Lilly is dressed in a high cut one piece leotard, Lilly takes Ed down to the mat and then gets her legs around his head. There is no escape and she's able to work several scissorholds. Classic, front, reverse scissors and scissor 4's, plus a brutal nose crushing side scissor seal his fate as Lilly Ice exhausts her overmatched opponent. Check out one of our newest Utopia Stars, the lovely Ms Lilly Ice in mixed wrestling action vs. Ed. Enjoy!
Title:Veve's Jobber Audition!
Stars:VeVe Lane
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Boston Crab, Bow & Arrow, Camel Clutch, Choke, Death Grip, Facesit, Flexing, Foot Worship, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Leg Lock, Leg Nelson, Lotus, Monkey Flip, Muscle Worship, Other, Pin, Reverse Facesit, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Saturday Night Ride, Side Scissor, Smother, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Takedown
Description:In UTCS-102, Veve's Jobber Audition, Jobber Rich shows up at wrestling superstar VeVe Lane's studio for a mixed wrestling scissor victim audition. When she ask's him about his experience, he says he's "Wrestled a lot bigger women than you!" VeVe would have put him through his paces as a matter of formality, but when he basically calls her a "shrimp," she decides right then and there to literally dismantle him. VeVe is a wrestling and grappling expert and energetically bends and twists Rich into some unbelievable pro, amateur, grappling and submission holds including, camel clutch, boston crab, straddle, schoolgirl pin, choke, guillotine, leg nelson, full nelson, Saturday night ride, dragon sleeper, chicken wing, body scissor, head scissor, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4, and you get the message! VeVe is always in amazing shape and wears a skin tight, bright yellow leotard that perfectly shows off her lithe, muscular physique. Plus, she loves to flex her awesome biceps, and talk trash as she crushes him in unbelievable combinations. In the end she makes Rich worship her fantastic body and awesome muscles while facesitting him into oblivion! So sexy and so dominant. Enjoy!
Title:Dez Desire and Carmella Lee Beatdown Lance!
Stars:Carmella Lee, Dez Desire
Genre:2 on 1
Hold:Airplane Spin, Arm Bar, Beatdown, Choke, Cradle, Groin Kick, Kicking, Knee Lift, Pin, Scissor, Slapping, Victory Pose
Description:When referee Lance ends their match in disqualification, both Dez Desire, and Carmella Lee gang up on him in a pro-style wrestling beatdown in the squared circle. These two beautiful wrestling powerhouses kick, stomp, choke, scissor and toss Lance around the ring, until a few boots to the face end his night for good. Our heroines beat Lance to a pulp, before standing over him victorious in a double victory pose. Check out the sample clip, this is a mere taste of what's in store in UTCS-101, Dez Desire and Carmella Lee Beatdown Lance! Enjoy!
Title:Green Card Grappling!
Stars:Warrior Amazone
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Ankle Scissor, Arm Bar, Arm Choke, Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Lotus, Reverse Figure 4, Smother, Standing Scissor, Straddle
Description:In UTCS-100, Green Card Grappling,German blonde beauty Warrior Amazone, is looking to become an American citizen and has been hanging out with Dominick, who has promised to marry her, and thus pave the way for her ti get a green card. She has been keeping him happy by feeding his mixed wrestling habit almost daily. Problem is Dom has a legal issue and his Lawyer has told him he cannot marry her right now, and she can forget about getting citizenship. Warrior Amazone explodes with angry and dials up the punishment in what will be the last time Dominick ever wrestles Warrior Amazone! Warrior Amazone is big, curvy, strong, and a lusciously muscular, wrestling machine. Her thighs are tan, creamy smooth, and thick on the outside, and man-eating muscle on the inside. She practices wrestling and grappling daily and tours the world wrestling men. She has become extremely dangerous and can put a man in peril in seconds. If Dom thought he was wrestling with her before, he has a new reality facing him now! Holds of note in "Green Card Grappling" include body scissor, grapevine, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, facesit, standing scissor, ankle scissor, armpit choke, and Warrior's awesome, smothering, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 which she applies in several different positions and variations. This clip features excellent lighting and camerawork that Utopia is known for. In the end, Warrior Amazone fleeces Dom's pockets of all his cash and then addresses the audience direct. A marriage proposal you won't want to miss! Enjoy!
Title:Beaten by a Girl!
Stars:VeVe Lane
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Banana Split, Body Scissor, Chicken Wing, Chin Lock, Cradle, Crossface Crippler, Facesit, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Hip Throw, Lotus, Other, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Saturday Night Ride, Side Scissor, Takedown, Victory Pose
Description:In UTCS-99, Beaten by a girl, mixed wrestling superstar VeVe Lane returns to Utopia as a mother who confronts the wrestling coach about kicking her son off the wrestling team. You see, VeVe's son was beaten by a girl in his last match and the chauvinistic coach can't have that. When coach tries to blow-off and put down VeVe as a mere "Soccer Mom," she peels off her clothes, flexes for the coach and calls him "chicken." Veve is in awesome shape, ... lean, muscular, powerful, and she knows every wrestling and grappling move known to mankind. She, has more stamina than most cross-country runners, and at only 5'4" and 125lbs., she can lift heavier in the gym than most males. The coach agrees to her challenge and When they face off, VeVe immediately catches him in a perfectly executed hip throw and the coach goes crashing to the mat. Veve pounces on him right away and pins him in a cradle. This is the first of many pro and amateur wrestling holds, pins, and scissors as VeVe asserts her total dominance on the stunned and overmatched wrestling coach. This mixed wrestling clip has non-stop action and some of the hods of note include: banana split, full nelson, body scissor, front scissor, standing scissor, reverse scissor, crippler crossface, figure 4, side scissor, Saturday night ride, front lotus, and an awesome chicken wing to reverse figure 4 pinning combination, that forces the coach into admitting he's been "Beaten by a Girl!" Enjoy!
Title:Dez Desire vs. Carmella Lee!
Stars:Carmella Lee, Dez Desire
Genre:Female Wrestling
Hold:Airplane Spin, Body Slam, Camel Clutch, Choke, Clothesline, Cradle, Full Nelson, Hammerlock, Headlock Pin, Knee Lift, Many, Matchbook Pin, Other, Slapping, Sleeper, Takedown
Description:Accomplished pro & amateur wrestlers Dez Desire, and newcomer to Utopia Carmella Lee meet inside the squared circle. They've wrestled inside the ring before and have a genuine dislike for one another. It took us 1/2 a year to set this up because the 2 women and their representatives insisted on an impartial ref and a neutral location. But the hard work paid off because UTCS-98, Dez Desire vs. Carmella Lee is a classic ring battle that features all the pageantry of being in an actual arena, including entrances to music and a referee to frisk the women for foreign objects, explain the rules, and generally keep the peace as much as possible. Our 2 competitive beauties face off, then energetically trade tons of classic pro style moves and holds including many takedowns, airplane spins, camel clutch, full nelson, sleeper, body slams and near pins. But soon the women's contempt for each other leads to tons of dirty tactics as each rake the others' eyes, stomp, kick, chop, choke, clothesline, and punch the other. The Ref tries to separate them from choking each other out at the end, but of course they don't and he can't separate them either, leading to a double disqualification. That's when the 2 (would be) enemies team up together and send the Ref crashing to the mat: which is the theme in Part 2, coming soon! Check out the sample 1-minute montage clip, this is a mere taste of the non-stop action contained in UTCS-98, Dez Desire vs. Carmella Lee Enjoy!
Title:New Owner Get's Owned!
Stars:Dez Desire
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Monkey Flip, Other, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Scissor, Straddle, Takedown, Victory Pose
Description:In UTCS-97, New Owner Get's Owned beautiful wrestler extraordinaire, Dez Desire, is working on a few moves in the wrestling ring, dressed in her trademark black, cut-out, thong, monokini. The new owner of the gym walks in and rudely tells her he has converted the gym to a male only facility, and now she must get out. Dez protests leading to a confrontation and challenge. If she wins, he has to keep the gym open to females, and also hire a female coach and start a women's only wrestling class. However, if he wins, she is history. Cocky Derrick tosses in one incentive, saying he'll hire Dez as the coach if she wins. Match on! As you would expect from Dez, weighing in at 5'10" and 165lbs., with years of intense wrestling and grappling training, she dominates from start to finish. She may look long and lean, but has "legs for days," and her massive thighs measure a mind erasing 25". When she gets to scissoring there is no escape! However, she knows so many different holds and locks, in so many different fighting styles, he has no chance. Sexy Dez takes him down with a nice double leg takedown, then works several grappling holds, submission moves and scissors, including grapevine, arm bar, straddle, body scissor, reverse head scissor, standing scissor, a front scissor while he's trapped up against the turnbuckle, and then finishes him off with a beautiful monkey flip from the corner into a classic scissor and a classic figure 4 in which Derrick is forced to admit total defeat. Enjoy!
Title:The Gift of Scissors!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Breast Smother, Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Front Scissor, Victory Pose
Description:Bodacious female bodybuilder and session wrester Pocahontas returns to Utopia in a sexy new role-play, UTCS-96, The Gift of Scissors! Pocahontas spends hours in the gym each week and has built a massive, power-packed body through powerlifting that she loves to unleash against men in mixed wrestling scissors sessions. Her husband Steve buys her a birthday present. One of the skimpiest little thong slingshots you've ever seen and gives it to her as if it's a diamond ring. At first she loves it, because Pocahontas loves slingshots and the way they highlight her exceptional V taper and enormous breasts. But after she puts it on, she realizes this gift isn't really for her, it's for him! Pocahontas pushes him down and mounts him. She straps on her infamous "jackhammer" grapevine, and from that moment on, she becomes a hip thrusting, head scissoring, machine! There's something incredibly sexy about the way Pocahontas wrestles. This incredibly powerful woman specializes in long, prolonged scissoring, and hip-snapping grapevine breast smothers, which is crazy considering that after about 5 seconds in-between Pocahontas' thick thighs, you feel like your head is going to explode. We recommend everyone schedule their own scissor session with Pocahontas, however If you can't, watching this video is the next best thing as she turns Steve's head bright red, while making him gurgle, tap, his eyes water, and beg to be released. Combine that with Pocahontas' sexy brand of trash talk and it's understandable why she has taken the session wrestling world by storm. Utopia specializes in excellent lighting, crisp audio and exceptional camerawork and this clip is highlighted by some amazing close-ups. You'll feel like you're right in there with Steve, getting your head scissored by Pocahontas' mind-erasing gams. Enjoy!

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Casting Couch Crush!

UTCS-84, I Own You!
Title:Mistress Nicci Damages Derrick!
Stars:Mistress Nicci
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Facesit, Figure 4, Flexing, Head Scissor, Reverse Head Scissor, Schoolgirl Pin, Squeeze-O-Meter, Straddle, Takedown, Throat Scissor
Description:Dominatrix and fetish wrestler Mistress Nicci (pronounced Nikki) visits Utopia for her first ever wrestling video outside of the confines of her own dungeon in Denver, CO.  Mistress Nicci has been a skier since age 3 and brings a rare combination of balance, grace, beauty, strength and style to the mat.  And ohhh those skiers legs!!!  She's relatively new to session wrestling (it's only been about a year) but Nicci is a fast learner and in her own words, "Loves to take the boys' breath away!"  How does she do this you might ask?  Beautiful red hair, and bright green eyes, along with relentless, punishing, scissor holds, chokes and facesitting!  In UTCS-95, Mistress Nicci Damages Derrick Nicci has the sexiest attitude as she keeps Derrick on the verge of going out, "You can't escape from me, but you can keep trying!" Watch as she thrashes Derrick with a variety of brutal holds, scissors, and planting that gorgeous tush right on Derricks face, all while wrestling in a hot pink thong one piece that highlights her voluptuous breasts, tight body, toned legs and perfect ass.  In the end, Nicci gives you her email, so you can let her take your breath away one on one.  What we learned ourselves producing this clip?  Mistress Nicci is pretty f'n hot!  Enjoy!
Title:Double Tap!
Stars:Ariel X, Julie Squeeze
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grappling, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Headlock, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Reverse Triangle, Straddle, Struggle, Takedown, Victory Pose
Description:Two of the best, most legendary session wrestlers, Ariel X and Julie Squeeze visited Utopia on the same day to show mixed wrestling fans how it's done. Ariel X dressed in a tiny red bikini, out-wrestles Duncan first, then Julie Squeeze dominates Jason in a skimpy gold bikini. Tons of takedowns, struggle, submissions and scissors as each woman shows off their physiques, and a combination of both grappling and submission wrestling techniques! Some nice flexing too! Double the women, means double the tap-outs! Check out UTCS-94, Double Tap today. Enjoy!
Title:Harassment Scissors!
Stars:Claire Irons
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Front Scissor, Standing Reverse Scissor
Description:Petite fetish model Claire Irons (aka Fit Little D) returns to Utopia in a entertaining role-play about sexual harassment in the work place. In UTCS-93, Harassment Scissors, Claire enters as the secretary wearing a mini dress and heels. Derrick is her boss who immediately grabs her ass as she bends over to have him sign some paperwork. Claire scolds him and threatens to report him to HR, but when he does it again, Claire flips a switch and flips the script on Derrick. She sits on the desk and puts her legs over Derricks shoulders to invite him in for a closer look. When Derrick leans in Claire snaps her Venus fly trap closed and teaches her boss a lesson he won't soon forget, by mashing him deep in a front scissors and front figure 4.  Then she flips him around and pulls him back for a classic scissor and classic scissor 4. Next Claire kicks him to the floor, removes her dress revealing her fantastic breasts, and angrily mounts him for a 4 minute long reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4, followed by a 2.5 minute standing scissor.  Beautiful Claire is one of the best role-play actresses in mixed wrestling. Plus, she loves to dominate young macho boys, so she really got into this one.  Her physique is built from 12 years in the gym, and is packed with lean, hard muscle.  She may be tiny, but her thighs are thick and strong and she has Derrick gasping for breath and seeing stars throughout. Near the end, while standing over him topless and scissoring his head at the edge of the couch, sexy Claire flexes her awesome biceps for us in both front and reverse head scissors.  Excellent lighting, cool angles and close-ups highlight the action. Enjoy!
Title:Midnight in LA, The Women!
Stars:Ava Simone, Goddess Anat
Genre:Female Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Breast Smother, Choke, Grappling, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Slapping, Smother, Struggle, Takedown
Description:The night before the 2019 live event in Los Angeles, various producers, fans, jobbers and wrestlers were hanging out in different rooms at the host hotel, partying, wrestling, and shooting videos. Goddess Anat came over to Kip's room to introduce herself, and a few minutes later Ava Simone knocked on her old buddy Kip's door as well. Turns out Ava and Anat had never met, or wrestled each other before. So Kip (Ever being the opportunist) talked the women into wrestling right then and there. UTCS-92, Midnight in LA, The Women,these 2 session wrestling superstars engaged in a friendly yet competitive, female vs. female struggle for dominance for 18.5 minutes. Turns out Anat is a takedown artist. She has this one move where she uses her opponents weight against them and ends up face slamming her opponent into the mat. It usually momentarily stuns the other woman and Anat gains the advantage. She caught Ava with it, however Ava is so strong and fast Anat was unable mount her. But Ava dials it up a notch after that and the two beauties are rather evenly matched. Who wins? Write us and let us know what you think! This is one for the ages. Enjoy!
Title:Sheena Dominates Dominick!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Ankle Scissor, Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Foot Choke, Foot Worship, Front Choke, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, HOM Smother, Muscle Worship, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Straddle, Victory Pose
Sheena and Dominick have been dating for a little while and she's been hiding her session wrestling career from him. In UTCS-91, Sheena Dominates Dominick Dominick orders Sheena to come into the living room.  She walks into the doorway wearing a studded black bikini with fishnet stockings and gloves and says "Dominick, it is time you meet the REAL me!"  Dominick thinks he's the alpha in the household, and says "Damn, the real you is sexy babe" but he has no idea what is about to unfold.  Sheena goes over to where Dominick is sitting, aggressively clutching him by the throat and throws him to the floor.  Then proceeds to scissor his face off!  Within seconds he is in pure panic mode and tapping for his life. This is Dominick's first lesson in who is boss, how things are going to be different, and what she can do to him if he disobeys her.  Sheena loves to see the desperation in his face as she presses her scissorholds.  She lets up a few times so she doesn't knock him out right away, and teaches him to worship her muscles, and massage her. Sheena likes it hard and Dominick is cowering in submission, so she punishes him further.  Holds featured are classic, front, side and reverse scissors. Classic, front, side, and reverse figure fours, ankle and foot chokes, standing scissors, straddles, triangles and in the end, she is standing over him flexing as he worships her awesome thighs and calves. Enjoy!

Utopia Entertainment is your USA Sheena Headquarters, with more videos of this awesome woman than anywhere else!

- UTCS-46, Mixed Wrestling, The Way it Was Meant to Be!

- UTCS-48, "I Will Punish Him!"

- UTCS-70, Sheena vs. Warrior Amazone - Lift & Carry Contest!

- UTCS-69, Sheena (as Wonder Woman) vs. Warrior Amazone (as Harley Quinn)

- UTCS-75, Sheena vs. Nick!

- UTCS-82, Personal Trainer Trouncing!

- UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance!

- MW-112, Sheena vs. Warrior Amazone - The Quadrilogy!
Title:Remembering Roseanne!
Stars:Roseanne Desmarais
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:3/4 Nelson, Alligator Roll, Arm Drag, Fireman’s Carry, Flexing, Grapevine, Grappling, Ground and Pound, Guillotine, Gut Wrench, Half Nelson, Headlock, Headlock Pin, Judo Scissor, Other, Pin, Posing, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Smother, Takedown, Twister, Victory Pose
Description:Roseanne Blackburn Desmarais was a Canadian pro bodybuilder, Canadian national champion wrestler, amateur boxer, Toughman competitor and MMA fighter. Her amazing life was cut short in a tragic car accident in 2010. The footage in this video is some of the last ever taken of this amazing woman, also in 2010. Truthfully, we struggled over the years if we should ever release this match or not. However, sometimes these dilemma's have a way of working themselves out, and for some reason we have fielded 6 emails regarding Roseanne in the last 6 weeks. So we figured it was finally time to edit this one and release it. Roseanne is one of the fiercest competitors, and highly skilled athletes and wrestlers on our site. Dominick is no stranger to wrestling, but within 5 seconds of being on the mat against her, he became totally intimidated by her. Roseanne didn't care and puts a hurting on Dominick that he still remembers to this day. Takedown after takedown, submission after submission, pin after pin, and scissor after scissor, Roseanne completely wipes the mat with Dominick. A few times during the match it look like out-classed Dominick was actually going to cry. As he begins to wilt, Roseanne looked fresh as a daisy and really poured it on. Check out the sample pics and video, this highlights some of the incredible action contained in this video. Roseanne truly puts on a mixed wrestling exhibition for the ages! "Remembering Roseanne" ... fondly we might add! Enjoy!
Title:Kelly's New Mats!
Stars:Kelly Winterss
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Takedown, Victory Pose
Description:Kelly Winterss is a sexy, ultra-muscular, session girl who loves to scissor! Crushing men with her lean, power-packed thighs, feeling them tap, and hearing them beg is one of her greatest turn-ons. In UTCS-89, Kelly's New mats, her boyfriend Steve wants her to stop participating in session wrestling all together. But Kelly goes out and buys a set of used mats for $1000! During his protest as she's rolling them out for the first time, Steve tells her that's a ridiculous amount to pay for used mats. Kelly jumps on him and wrestles him to the mat for the beginning of a short, yet very sweet, impromptu scissor session. Kelly's quads are solid concrete, with zero give to them at all. She makes him scream and tap in every scissor and hold, including grapevine, classic headscissors, classic figure 4, front headscissors, front figure 4, reverse headscissors and reverse figure 4. Then, while standing over her spent boyfriend, she victoriously flexes as she gets him to agree to pay for the mats, and allow her to session forever. You'll love watching sexy Kelly Winterss crush her boyfriend into begging submission with some of the hardest legs in the business. Enjoy!
Title:The Art of Scissoring!
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Cradle, Figure 4, Flexibility, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Pin, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Scissor Slams, Scissor Snaps, Straddle
Description:Cydel came to Utopia from a friend who produces foot worship videos. When we first asked her about scissoring, she was unsure whether or not she wanted to participate. Dante happened to be on hand that day and he volunteered to help, so we got Cydel to scissor Dante right then and there. On the way in between her legs, Dante mentioned that he has been scissored by many women, and a lot bigger than her. That he has never been hurt, and actually likes pain. Cydel took that as a challenge, and put 100% into her very first scissor. Dante let out a squeal with a shocked, pained look on his face, and from that point on, Cydel was 100% all in! Cydel is no stranger to effort and enthusiasm, she grew up a ballet dancer, and cheerleader. But as it happens to so many young women, she experienced a few injuries along the way, and was no longer able to dance competitively. However, a few years later she began to practice Yoga and it helped transform her life. Cydel is not your typical Utopia talent. She doesn't appear very muscular, however all the years of dance and Yoga has turned her inner thighs into steel. When she presses her scissorhold, it literally feels like a knife is cutting into your flesh. In UTCS-88, The Art of Scissoring, beautiful Cydel comes home from her self-defense class to boyfriend Dante. It seems in class they were working on a debilitating technique known as the scissorhold. Cydel felt totally empowered by what she has just learned and can't wait to try out her new techniques on practice dummy, Dante. Just as in everything young Cydel undertakes, the energy and intensity that she delivers with her scissorholds in this video is truly awesome. The glee she experiences from Dante's pain is almost orgasmic. She starts out by pressing him hard in a classic scissor. Within a minute she transitions to her side, raises her leg up 90 degrees, and lets fly with a few scissor slams. Seeing that Dante can actually take a decent pounding gets Cydel amped up to go harder and harder, so for the next 20+ minutes it's slam, slam, slam, snap, snap, snap and then onto the next excruciating maneuver. Each scissor snap and slam is delivered from multiple angles with savage brutality, and all aimed to end Dante's night. But Cydel proves she is really learning how to wrestle, because in the midst of all the scissoring she breaks out an impressive cradle pin, grapevines, body scissors, and a few HOM smothers, while scissoring Dante to the brink. Check out the sample clip, there is not a single snap, slam, or hold repeated. And, there are so many more not included. This video is a scissor lovers dream and we think you'll agree, Cydel takes scissoring to a new art form! Enjoy!
Title:Ava Simone Erases Ed!
Stars:Ava Simone
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Armpit Choke, Body Scissor, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Choke, Flexing, Front Scissor, HOM Smother, Leg Lock, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Smother, Straddle, Takedown
Description:Fans of Utopia know sexy session wrestler Ava Simone very well. This muscular blonde beauty sports 26" thighs and 17" calves along with a Squeeze-O-Meter™ press of 337lbs.! Side note: the Squeeze-O-Meter™ only registers to 340lbs., so she very nearly bottomed it out. What people may not know, is just how much Ava really likes to mix it up. If you want something more sensual, she can deliver, however if you want to wrestle more competitively, she will give you the scrap of your life. Ed was complaining after a couple of scissor videos that he was tired of one-sided matches and wanted a chance to really wrestle against Ava. Naturally Ava was game, but when a mere male tells Ava they want to wrestle competitively, you better put on your "bigboy pants," because Ava is all business. What really sets Ava off in this contest? After the first submission in which Ava conquers Ed via a vicious rear naked choke, Ed dives in on Ava and hits her chin with his head. From that point on, Ava was pissed and literally mauls Ed. He tries to defend himself, but in the end, Ava proves too much woman for Ed to handle! Punishing wrestling and grappling holds of note are: rear naked choke, body scissor, front scissor, triangle, arm bar, armpit choke, straddle, camel clutch, boston crab, and other holds we don't even have the names of .. lol. Tons of HOM because Ava loves to toy with her victims with all types of sexy smothers. UTCS-87, Ava Simone Erases Ed is 10.5 minutes of gorgeous Ava dominating and dismantling Ed in mixed mat wrestling. Enjoy!
Title:Red Diamond's Chiropractic Adjustment!
Stars:Red Diamond
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Scissor, Straddle
Description:Red Diamond is an IFBB Pro Figure competitor, who is also a pro domme and awesome session wrestler. Well, evidently she's a Chiropractor too! In UTCS-86, Red Diamond's Chiropractic Adjustment, her boyfriend Lance is having a neck issue and went to a Chiropractor without telling her. But instead of helping the issue, Lance ends up in a lot more pain. Enter Red Diamond and her powerful 26" thighs of steel. She knows what Lance really needs is a little traction, and what better way to elongate his neck than with a few well placed scissorholds. Red Diamond is luscious in her Baywatch one-piece swimsuit as she scissors Lance back to health! Front, side, standing, classic, figure 4's and reverse scissors are all employed to snap Lance's neck back into alignment. Enjoy!
Title:Midnight in LA!
Stars:Ava Simone, Goddess Anat
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Bar, Body Scissor, Breast Smother, Chin Lock, Choke, Facesit, Figure 4, Flexing, Foot Worship, Grapevine, Grappling, Guillotine, Head Scissor, HOM Smother, Pin, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Smother, Takedown, Victory Pose
Description:The night before the 2019 live event in Los Angeles, various producers, fans, jobbers and wrestlers were hanging out in various rooms at the host hotel, partying, wrestling, and shooting videos. Goddess Anat came over to Kip's room to introduce herself, and a few minutes later Ava Simone knocked on the door as well. They had never met, or wrestled each other before, so Kip talked them into wrestling each other right then and there. However this is not about that, Ava vs. Anat will be out soon. As their video ended right after midnight, our old friend Jim stopped by. Jim has been a mixed wrestling afficianado and video victim over the years, and his first video with Utopia is circa 1996. If you know anything about Jim, you know he's a complete sarcastic, smart ass, and loves to taunt the girls. This nights boast? Jim claims to be the "best session guy ever!" One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, he's got his shirt off and has challenged Ava Simone. Anat wanted Jim next, but waited patiently while Ava wiped the mat with him. Jim was still full of machismo even after Ava scissored him senseless, and willingly took on Anat. She turned Jim inside-out and sideways making him submit to her in all sorts of brutal submissions. Kip, always the opportunist, picked up his video camera and shot the whole thing and now presents UTCS-81, Midnight in LA to fans of Utopia. Ava Simone's match is 8 minutes and Goddess Anat's is 10. Enjoy!
Title:Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep!
Stars:Madison Swan
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor, Standing Front Scissor, Standing Reverse Scissor
Description:Before each video we shot with mixed wrestling hottie Madison Swan, she asked us "Do you want me to knock him out in this one?" We thought this was kind of funny, but it's really no laughing matter. Madison means it! You see, she's become somewhat of a scissoring knockout artist. So before this clip we asked our jobber Zach if it was OK for Madison to put him to sleep? To our eternal happiness he said yes. In UTCS-80, Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep, Madison is really pissed at Zach because he almost got in a car accident (again) and then got a speeding ticket. He just wants to forget about the whole thing and take a nap, but Madison thinks he needs to be punished for almost killing her. So Madison strips down and clamps on the scissorholds. Each one gets a little meaner than the last, just softening hm up further, until the moment she decides his day is done. While trapping him inside her brutal reverse scissor she says: "Maybe that nap you've been wanting all day, will happen after all!" Madison gives him one more devastating squeeze, and Zach gives us a twitch before the lights go out and he goes completely limp. Excellent close-ups of Madison's maneating thighs and perfect round derriere. Enjoy!