Tips on Searching Clips on Utopia Entertainment

The search function on Utopia Entertainment is broken up into 4 categories.

- Title/Description
- Genre
- Star
- Hold

It is a very powerful search function. You may utilize any single category, or if you want to focus your search more precisely you may use more that one category (or all 4) to get to exactly the type of wrestling or posing material you want to see.

Since this is a multi-tiered search function, please keep in mind that after selecting or entering your search criteria you MUST click on the “Search” button. At any time if you want to clear the search function and go back to page 1 of the free or Members’ clips press the “Reset” button.

The “Title/Description” field can be used in a number of ways. You can enter the actual title of any Utopia video, but you can also type in any keyword you can think of. If no results come up, the word you type does not exist in any Utopia Title, or in any Description of a Utopia Clip(s)

The “Genre” field is a dropdown menu representing the types of videos we produce. Mixed Wrestling, All Female Wrestling, Posing, Muscle Worship, and 2 Women on 1 Man. Since we have so many preview clips of coming attractions that are not available to the general public, we have made “Preview Clip” part of the genre.

The “Star” field is a dropdown menu that allows you to choose all the clips from any given woman who has appeared in a Utopia Entertainment video.

The “Hold” field allows you to see all the clips that include a given wrestling hold. Keep in mind that many clips include multiple wrestling holds. We tried to be as precise as possible when programming each clip. Please note that in some instances we may have a different name for a given wrestling hold that you may be used to, or how it may be named on a different website. If you see a clip that is totally wrong please let us know by writing to with the exact clip name.