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Title:Amazon Nikki Dominates Nick!
Stars:Amazon Nikki
Genre:Lift and Carry
Hold:Bear Hug, Cradle Carry, Flexing, Head Scissor, Muscle Comparison, Piggy Back, Posing, Side Scissor, Standing Scissor
Description: Amazon Nikki (Nikki J Now) returns to Utopia and dominates Nick in nearly every way a person can be dominated. Amazon Nikki Dominates Nick! has a little of everything. A short interview, muscle posing, measuring Nikki's impressive muscles, muscle and size comparison with overmatched Nick, 3 different lifts using Nick, the squeeze-o-meter, and 3 different scissorholds! Not only is she 5 inches taller, but she outweighs him by 25 lbs. Her muscles dwarf his, her thighs, biceps, calves, hands and feet are all noticeably larger. At one point, she interlocks her fingers with his and forces him to his knees in an impressive strength demonstration. She cradle carries and piggy back lifts him doing squats, but then she lifts him off his feet and bear hugs him both facing in and out. She sways him back and forth with his feet dangling and crushes him in her awesome grip! Then she forces his head down in a grueling standing scissors. Amazon Nikki may look long and lean but her muscular thighs stretch the tape to over 24 inches. The leverage and pressure she can exert is astonishing. To quantify her squeezing pressure she goes to the couch and bottoms out the squeeze-o-meter! And then forces Nicks head down once again to give him another taste of their power. Lastly she forces him to the floor and makes him tap in a vicious side scissor. All while flexing with a beautiful smile etched on her face. Amazon Nikki does sessions where you can experience all this for yourself, and she gives you her contact details direct to the camera. Offered in true HD 1920 x 1080! PLEASE NOTE: Amazon Nikki Dominates Nick! is 13 minutes and available here in the Clips Store as a standalone, or in the Utopia Members' Area. Enjoy!
Title:Nikki's Special Massage!
Stars:Amazon Nikki
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Choke, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Reverse Head Scissor, Side Scissor
Description:Tall Class NPC Physique Competitor Amazon Nikki comes to Utopia and knocks Derrick out in UTCS-27, Nikki's Special Massage! Beautiful Nikki is 6'0" tall in bare feet and has the longest legs we have ever filmed! The leverage and pressure she can bring to bear in her scissorhold is astonishing. She is prepping for a contest and showed up pretty cut up at 175lbs. Derrick shows up late to our shoot and he is complaining about his neck. Before I could get my camera out, Nikki is sitting behind him in a chair and giving him a neck massage. I guess she was a little miffed by him telling her he didn't know if he should get scissored, because as soon as I said I was ready she pulls him back between her lean, muscular thighs and starts to scissor his head. Nikki has the kind of legs that bite right into the sides of your neck and Fit Derrick starts to weaken immediately. Nikki taunts him to get free, but no way he pries those long, thoroughbred thighs apart. Nikki transitions to a reverse side scissor and almost her full weight is on Derricks shoulders while being scissored. He's already dizzy when Nikki pulls him into her reverse scissors. This is where you can tell how massive her 24.5" thighs are as she nearly engulfs his head. He's all but out when Nikki maneuvers to her front scissor. She loves to look into their eyes as she flexes her mighty 14" biceps while cutting off the blood supply to their head. A brutal grapevine follows, as Nikki really stretches him out. She's 2 inches taller than he and weighs the same, so she crushes him underneath her. Lastly Nikki switches to her devastating body scissor and traps him in a choke. Her forearm is right up under his jaw and across his jugular. I don't think she really meant to put him out (or maybe she did,) but alas Derrick goes to sleep in less than a minute. Nikki and I were a little surprised, confused and worried at the end because Derrick's such a strong guy, that I cut the camera. I apologize, we don't get to see him wake up. However Amazon Nikki being the consummate professional smiles sexily for the camera and flexes a perfect bicep. She's awesome to behold! UTCS-27, Nikki's Special Massage is 9.5 minutes long and only $9.95. PLEASE NOTE: This clip is available here as a standalone, or for free in the members' area.