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UTCS-22 Muscle Goddess Kelly Knocks Out Mike!

Sample Clip:
Stars:Muscle Goddess Kelly
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Head Scissor
Description:Gorgeous Physique Competitor Muscle Goddess Kelly comes to Utopia for her first ever starring role in a mixed wrestling video. At the same time, Mike (a wrestling session veteran) also joined Utopia for the first time. In Muscle Goddess Kelly Knocks Out Mike Kelly puts the squeeze on Mike in a standard head scissor and figure 4 and within the first 5 minutes she knocks him out cold! Kelly has Mike whimpering almost immediately in her first straight leg scissor. In her first figure 4, she gets his first tap. When she goes straight leg again, she gets his first frantic taps, but because he didnít ask nicely to be released, she places him in the session ender! Kelly knocks Mike out with her second brutal figure 4 in about 11 seconds. Itís so fast and decisive we werenít even sure it was real ... until he wakes up that is. Letís just say the lights are on but nobodyís home. Kip kept the camera rolling and got an interview with Mike immediately following. If youíre a fan of REAL knockouts by sexy bodybuilders in devastating scissorholds, than Muscle Goddess Kelly is the woman for you! Offered for only $4.95 Muscle Goddess Kelly Knocks Out Mike is offered in FULL HD 1920 x 1080, 193mb and 4 min TRT. Enjoy!